Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Never Happened

We've all been running around barefoot and pregnant.
No, wait, I mean barefoot and in t-shirts.

I think it was 70+ on Christmas day.
And it's been in the high 70's/60's since.

Blinding light.

And B informs me all of mankind is meant to be dead in an ice-age right now.
And I go 'bok bok' like a chicken.
No, wait, I mean I go 'what what' like a baffled.

So it's all very amazing.
This hairspray debate.
If the 80's never happened maybe we would all be frozen.

And pollution is bad.

But it is summer here.
And we are not dead.

Very odd.

I squint hairy eyeballs at the world.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

EMIL SCHILDT - new love

Dust, once more, blown off beauty.


Saturday, December 27, 2008



Lego Art

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Work

To be posted soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life Status

The people around me are currently insane.
They even admit to it sadly so I know it's not my own insanity getting worse.

Has anyone else ever felt like the word 'help' is...redundant?

Life is very strange right now.
I feel like sitting naked in a snowfield.

It would be quite nice.
To hear the snapping of bones in such a pristine silence.

Like the cracking of wood.

s n a p .

Andy Warhol

"I don't know where the artificial stops and the real starts"

Friday, December 12, 2008



We shall figure something out.

I Don't

I don't like my paintings.

Not any of them.

I'm trying to figure out what to do from here.

And what to do with all of my old works.

Last time I painted over everything I got in trouble with loved ones (the great grey-out)

After I've finished all of my Christmas pieces I want a rebirth.

Perfct timing, considering the New Year will be here.

What should I do, I wonder?
I want to carve into the flesh of the canvas and rip something out so brutal, so passionate, so...none of the stuff I've ever done.

Do I need a new medium?
Or just a new style?

I think I need to study.
And paint only from the heart.

Christmas Gift

Christmas Commission

Snugary Snookies

Monday, December 1, 2008


He did it!
He did it!!


Despite burglars.
Despite having his laptop (aka novel writing machine!) stolen.
Despite sleeping on somebody elses floor.
Despite working his normal job.
Despite trying to shift house.
Despite catering to his pregnant wife.
Despite being made the middle man in some of his family arguments.
Despite spending *way* too much time talking to his bitter old grandmother.
Despite stressing about landlords.

And I am so proud/amazed/in awe/in love.

He celebrated with a good beer, I celebrated with sparkling grape juice.
I was ridiculously happy about it all.
I believe I even whooped and hollared amongst hugs.
I want to print the pages out and do naughty things to them.

Brennen's just so freaking inspiring!