Saturday, March 31, 2007

Absolutely Glorious.

Absolutely glorious days. The last two have been overcast. For those who don't know, overcast is my favourite - seconded by fog or icicle grass. I haven't seen icicle grass since New Zealand. Anyway it's so glorious to look at the grey, grey sky and see the bright flowers of spring contrasting against it.

I wanted to take a photo for you but alas, I cannot find my camera.

I have the windows open despite the sudden chill and I have a tray of cookies in the oven. They smell and happiness. I'm thinking lovely thoughts about life, about circumstance, about happiness. And to bring added joy to this day, I am picking up my father at the airport this evening. Oh! But my heart sings!

My heart was broken once but now I find it healed and every day is poetry. You ever had that? Where you thought the world would never turn again? And it takes awhile but then...then it starts turning slowly and everything in it that is beautiful is even more so. Because you weren't blinded by beauty before, only by darkness.

But I should not be blathering here, I should be tidying my house and making my fathers bed.

Some things to leave you with...

1. (overheard - made me chuckle) "Girl you *have* to hum. Humming is good for your soul. If you hum the devil doesn't know what you are talking about."

2. (overheard - made me laugh) "No no no, I said you remind me of my *ex*-wife. And that's a *good* comment"

3. I asked boy yesterday "do you believe in Nirvana?" to which he replied "well, yesterday was pretty good."

4. An angel sent me a gift voucher for DickBlick in the mail. I got it yesterday. She said it's so I could buy more paper.

Aren't people amazing?
Sometimes they are the bright flowers against the grey sky.
Other times they are the grey sky behind the bright flowers.
But always, always...
we are amazing.

Happy Spring, everyone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kafka, Faulkner, Borges, Marquez.

43 Colourful Mystical Beasts.

I went to my friends house and played with her kids today. (Scarlett and Violett, can you tell my friend is an artist too?)
Anyway Scarlett had not one, not two, not three but WELL OVER FORTY 'My Little Ponies'. I stopped counting at 43, they were moving too fast.
And they were *beautiful*. The colours, the sparkles, the compositions...these hideous little ponies were GORGEOUS. And it gets better, they all have names like 'Wind Wisp' or 'Wandering Flower' or some such. I was...enthralled with the concept. Ecstatic with the fact that if I could find amazement in glitzy cheap plastic so could every child that owns one.

I find of late that everything that is unreal is becoming more and more real. Childrens toys start to move of their own accord, the sun laughs when she thinks nobody is looking, the sky is laden with colours that literally drip. There are creatures I've never heard of or seen before in the corner of my vision.

It's like the world around me is becoming a new world. Or a new art, a moving image, a painting. I liken it most to the movie 'What Dreams May Come' where everything is....the same. The same as it is becoming to be.

But what is it that unleashed my imagination? Not at 5 but at 26? When did the world *truly* become what I wanted it to be and nothing more? Was it like this when I was a child? I can't remember. But I imagine this is how the children see the world.

Actually to be honest it reminds me of a passage I read recently:
"Greek and Roman mythology is quite generallly supposed to show us the way the human race thought and felt untold ages ago. Through it, according to this view, we can retrace the path from civilized man who lives so far from nature, to man who lived in close companionship with nature; and the real interest of the myths is that they lead us back to a time when the world was young and people had a connection with the earth, with trees and seas and flowers and hills, unlike anything we ourselves can feel. When the stories were being shaped, we are given to understand, little distinction has as yet been made between the real and the unreal. The imagination was vividly alive and not checked by reason, so that anyone in the woods might see through the trees a fleeing nymph, or bending over a clear pool to drink, behold in the depths a naiad's face."

That's where I *there* somewhere, between real and unreal.

Have I blathered enough? Here is a topic change.
I *also* watched Barney with Scarlett. And FABULOUS. Fabulous. YOU KNOW WHAT BARNEY SINGS THE TO THE TUNE OF 'if you're happy and you know it?'
Awwww, go on.
Barney sings 'If you're angry and you know it pound some clay'
I shit you not.

A sign of the times, no?
A sign of *their* times.

I find myself timeless and writing about Gods.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tummy Bug Tuesday

I have a tummy bug and with it comes fever. I can handle any illness but temperature raise. It always feels like such poison in my blood.

Still! I have a lot of work to do today. I just composed four works to be done in black and white. 5x9 inches each. Now that they're finally composed I can draw them up. Then paint them. I hope to get them all done today but it's hard feeling like crap and all.

But! To cheer myself I have Brennen Reece on repeat on the stereo. It's working. Makes me smile and my heart sing. Takes my mind off my poisoned blood. *thumbs up*

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Praying Mantis and Aethecus.

Yesterday the idea of Aethecus was conceived. Today Aethecus was born.

I was wearing a pale pink t-shirt and boy said 'hold on, stop'. Then he proceeded to pull off the SMALLEST, TINIEST, most BABY praying mantis we had seen. Boy said 'if that's not good luck, I don't know what is'.

Over lunch we discussed Aethecus. Both dreadfully excited. I've wanted a God of Visual Arts to thank and then a God of Visual Arts appeared. We spoke eagerly of the website, the stories behind Aethecus, and sharing Aethecus with others. Once we got home boy got to work on the website. It's a combined effort but I have to give him mad props for all the work he has done on it.

And you can find Aethecus (still slightly under construction) here: Aethecus.

I thought it was very apt that the idea of Aethecus came to us in the Spring, that he was born in Springtime. But also I looked up the symbolism of Praying Mantis. I quote: "The praying mantis is the oldest symbol of God: the African Bushman’s manifestation of God come to Earth, “the voice of the infinite in the small,”* a divine messenger."

And I just know we're making history.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

He Always Gives me the Most Amazing Gifts.

Remember the other day when I was musing about there not being a God of Visual Art to thank? Well I was musing to boy also and he explained to me *why* there wasn't a God of visual arts.

Then today he gave me this:

Aethecus. *stay tuned, it's down but it'll be back up!

He always gives me the most amazing gifts.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well! I Never!

I knew purple was the colour of royalty, of course, but I didn't know why until now.

"Purple dye was made from the mucous gland of a snail. It required thousands of snails to yield 1 gram of dye causing it to be a color only nobles could afford."

I've Been Featured!

On the Humblevoice Arts page.

I am very excited about this. It means a lot more traffic through my little virtual galleries.

To go to the Humblevoice Arts page please click here.

*note....I think one is only featured for a week or so on the page so if you get this a little late you may not see what I am excited about!

I Sold a Piece.

I sold another painting today! I sold 'Dandelions'. I'm accepting a delayed payment for it because:

a) I believe the person is worth it
b) I HATE missing out on stuff because I can't afford it!

So I am very, very excited!
And she is too!

*grin* really.

2006 was the dogs bollocks.
2007 tickles my fanny, yo.

(I can TOTALLY get away with saying that if I'm in America)

Um...can I claim Apollo as the God of Arts?
I really owe someoone some respects right now and I can't figure out who.
*scratches head*

Friday, March 23, 2007

And so...

in light of my last post, I googled 'spring morning' paintings and it led me to this (among many, this is my favourite right now)

It's beautiful, no?
'Spring' by Kondrashov Sergey.
He does some *beautiful* work.

*dreamy sigh*

*looks out window*

*sighs dreamily again*

I don't want to jinx my day...

but GOOD LORD waking up this morning was *delicious*.
Even before waking...such sweet and happy dreams. So I woke with a smile. And we sleep in the attic which is very woody. And outside the window are two large leaveless trees, dripping with branches. So I wake to the sun streaming in and the most *beautifully* composed painting outside the window. How could it NOT be inspiring to start the day like that?
And, of course, the birds.

Oh, golly-gee.

There is nothing more delicious than spring time mornings.
Nothing more inspiring or amazing.
Nothing that makes you want to breathe any more deeply.

And so Friday begins.
With smile and sparkle.
And I cannot wait to live today!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Never Grow Up.

And always play silly buggers.

Share Your Tears

I've been neglecting the site.
I feel especially bad about that because my mother passed along some compliments of the site from her friends.
I really have to get back to it.
I have a couple of new submissions and while I'm not doing that I should rework some older works.

My bad.

After the 'Eve' commission I shall get cracking. I haven't painted any SYT's since January.

I need to advertise it more also.

New Work - 'Stomp'

I'm not wildly happy with it. I could have painted it better. I got knocked off my roll.
Still, it's practice. No?

Sold a Piece.

I've sold the 'Blue Skies' work from my website!
I should be getting paid for it in about a week and then I'll send it out.
Perhaps if the money doesn't go on bills I shall buy a sewing machine to make some summer skirts with.

New Desk.

My new desk is marvellous!
It's 36x80" which is pure brilliance.

I have a photo.

Today I get to mount a large work to it.
Maybe I'll photograph that later, too.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Found This.

Isn't it absolutely beautiful? It's pastel. By John Vistaunet.
More of his work can be found here.

In my news, I am a little behind on work. We built a brand new, AMAZING desk and installed it in my room. I spent the next day reorganising my studio. And the day after that was taken up by a family affair.
Tonight I am tired and I cannot make myself work having been two days out of the loop. I wish I could. It would cheer me if I did do some work.

Maybe I will continue to scout out beauty online. Maybe that will inspire. Maybe I will start this work I've half drawn.

I don't know but I need to sort it out.

With love,

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Boy just came home with THIS:

He has a removable head! You can switch out his normal head for his butchered head! *scream*

Oh man I love my man.

Carpentry Day.

In order to paint this bigger watercolour I'm going to have to have a bigger desk. Which is perfect because I was needing another work desk anyway. At the moment I have one that lines one wall of my studio but I would like to put one along another wall also. Which would be *lots* of space.

So tomorrow boy and I are rocking on down to Home Depot and buying supplies. Then we shall spend the day designing, sawing, sanding, sealing, and MAKING ME A NEW DESK!

I'm so excited about it.
I'm going to dress up in old khakis, black lace bra, white wifebeater, tool belt, cowboy hat and *adorable* grin. Okay, okay....I don't have a cowboy hat (I'm gasping at that in my mind) so I shall just have a messy updo that I'll have to keep out of my eyes.

You can never underestimate work space. We're building it so that eventually we can put in a bookcase on one side and storage for WC paper on the other.
And of course we'll make it so we can dismantle it when we move. I'll be taking this sucker with me.

I'm dreadfully happy about the whole ordeal.

I shall take photos of the process.
And definitely post a photo here of the end result.

Happy Thursday.

The Leahy's.

I went to a concert last night as an early celebration of Saint Patricks day. The performers were the Leahy's, a group of eight siblings performing a mixture of Irish/Scottish/their-own music.

The eight are actually from a family of eleven siblings (from Canada) and I'd say they're keeping the fertility going. One brother had four children, one sister was expecting her fourth and another sister (absent due to it) was expecting her fifth. I'm not sure about the others. Wow. I'm the youngest of four. I can't *imagine* being the youngest of eleven!

But back to the was good. I had a really good time. Of course I'm passionate about anyone with passion and you could tell they were *really* into the music.

Anyway their website is here: Clicky Click.

Check it out if you have the time.
Keep the artistic world turning.


Long story short I sold Eve twice yesterday! A client bought the original and then asked if she could get a large print made. Then she decided she'd much rather a large painting, so she commissioned me to do the same work on a much larger scale (25x45" as opposed to 5x9") so I promised her that and I resold the smaller Eve to somebody else. *high fives*

And I SPLURGED already.

I promise, I swear, it was almost ALL art supplies. I'm tremendously excited. Here's some stuff I got!

* Frisket (I'll damn near use a whole bottle on such a large work!) and a really cool iridescent medium I want to try on smaller works.

* Some UV spray to protect finished works.

* A roller for wet-on-wet (normally I use brushes but for a large work I think I'll need to try this!)

* My package from DickBlick (including some new colours (watercolours), a refill for my masquepen, and some ABSORBENT GROUND - which I am *dying* to try!)

* I bought this BOOK (Dramatic Light for Watercolour and Oils, Patrick Howe) I saw once in a bookstore and really wanted. I couldn't afford it at the time and then when I went back to get it it had gone. So, yesterday, Amazon was my friend. *grin*

* And then today, FOR THE BIG PROJECT, I went into town and picked up some paper. It's HUGE. It'll be the biggest watercolour I've ever done. It's - obviously - rolled up in the brown paper.

* And....last but not non-art splurge. Oh, I LOVE IT! And I'm wicked excited. I got a little weights bench, because it's so nasty to lie on the ground all sweaty. I'm so excited! It's adjustable in *all* the right ways. Stellar!

(sorry the photos are wonky. I dunnae know how to ride this horse)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh, the Horror!

The only thing worse than a pencil sharpener that cannot be found is a pencil sharpener that is not plugged in.

I sold a new piece!

A good day, thusfar!

1) My insurance claim *finally* got processed and UPS paid up for the painting they lost in December (although they ripped me off shipping...BAD UPS...only use FedEx, y'all).

2) My order arrived from DickBlick and I have new paints and ABSORBENT GROUND (which I've been dying to try). Plus I got a masquepen refill.

3) I SOLD EVE!! (perhaps I should have put this first!) And am *very* excited it got such a great response.

Um. I got sick unexpectedly last night and couldn't go shopping for a jig saw. And tonight I am busy, tomorrow is hectic so perhaps I must wait until Friday?

Today I am still under the weather but I hope to draw up a new work (titled 'Stomp')

More when I have it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Next Step.

Well I have almost finished Eve (shown earlier post). And I found a lot of delicious models and poses the other day to use. So I'm not short of a new model. But...I *just* don't feel like painting.

This hasn't happened before. Not quite like this. So it's time to press on with the next step.

Instead of framing the works behind glass I want to start mounting my smaller pieces on wooden boxes. I can mount them, spray them with a fixitive and UV protectant, and then seal them against moisture damage.

Of course this process involves not only the after steps of fixitives and sealants, but the beginning steps of making the boxes to mount them on. I'll need wood, a saw, carpenters glue, clamps and...a plan!

When I painted acrylics I'd cut and sand/prime my own wood all the time. But if I'll be making lots of these boxes (and I think I will be) then I want to get a powertool. A Jig Saw, to be more specific. Although I still totally dig my japanese hand saw.

I really want to go looking tonight but I'm not sure if I'll have the gusto (drained, for some reason). So maybe tomorrow?

Either which way I need to get started. I'm very excited. Now if I could just find some get up & go....


Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm very excited.

I'm very excited. A friend who works in the adult industry wants some adult paintings from me. They will be acrylic and I said I'd never do acrylic again but 1) I love the friend and 2) I love the subject matter.

I can't wait to hear more back from her.

As for today I am working on a small piece of a woman falling.
I think I shall look up some poetry on the same subject.
I've already drawn and undercoated the work and I'm happy with it.
So maybe I just want an excuse to read some good poetry.

I'm off to google.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shhh. There's more behind the curtain.

Half of the flowers are dried and dead.
The other half blossoming, in bloom.
I shall cut the dead heads off and carry them around in my womb.
Place them in my room.
A bouquet of dried and gone for every section of the house.

Boy and I whisper of grand plans.
I am happy.
The rest of my text may appear to negate my last sentence.
It does not.

My head hurts and spins.
I wish to cut.
My body is hot with fever yet I am not ill.
I want to take off my clothes and dive into a black pool.
A black hole.
A moment.
Of ice.

Have you ever been suspended in time?

Sometimes I forget my name. It is only when I remember I have no name that I remember it again.
Ahhh, yes. There in the silence. There on their lips. Under their breath. In murderers eyes.

It is early, it is late and my skin is still together.

The birds chirp all the way through the night now, always searching, always calling out for something. I lie awake with my black tongued insomnia and listen intently for their secret directions. I'm always a step away. One chirp short of understanding. I lay in my bed, my wings concrete, while they fly away before morning. My mourning. But only until I roll over and smile.

Tornado dreams and rampage head.

But it is late and I speak as if I have an audience. And I have none. For there is no one I am speaking to in this room full of people.

I shall litter the hallway with scraps, then. With puddles of colour. So that the next man to walk through it sees not the black and blue inhale but instead his colourful footprints.
Walking down the narrow and sharper than his heartbeat.
How claustrophobic to know oneself.
But no prettier feet for distraction.

I miss cutting my chest open and dumping my guts on you.
Now they fly around in orbit for the gallery-goers to look at.
I ought to be a whore.
I ought to charge more at the door.
Or perhaps that requires more of a show.

In private.

There's more.

In private.

Unfinished Work - 'As It Is'

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Sun Room.

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, *beautiful* day. Spring has truly arrived! I floated around all day, basking in sunbeams and opening windows and then tonight I heard the first cricket chirping his song.

I also made a sunroom. Oh, it's perfect! I had turned the mudroom into a little dining room for boy (he wanted a dining table) but neither of us really got around to using it much. We normally eat dinner in front of a movie. So today I shifted out the table, bought in a comfy chair and a little coffee table.

The coffee table is laden with books (and a vase with flowers), the chair sits directly in front of the door (which I keep open during the day so the sun and breeze stream in) and tomorrow I want to go looking for the *perfect* little rug for the room.

Oh, I love it!
I love the sunroom.
I can sit and read in there.
I can sit and paint in there (when out of the studio).
I can just inhale the fresh air in there.

I love spring.
I love nature.
I plan to incorporate camping into every spare weekend.
In fact boy and I are going to buy a backpackers tent (our current one is more like a family tent) We're living outside this season.

But now I am just blathering, no?

I came to say....
today was compositions and drawings. Two new sketches done well, and I'm laying the base coats tonight.

And today was sun.

And all of that combined was just absolutely perfect.

Here's to a delicious new season, all!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Sold A Work From Yesterday

WOW. And *that* is the way it should go, boys and girls! To sell a piece while you're still undecided on it is *fabulous*. It makes you feel...liked.

I didn't do any work today as I was out of town. Well, actually, this morning I composed a piece but that was all. Tomorrow I get to draw it up and paint it. I am much excited. I am inspired by the photo I'm working on and the stars are aligned perfectly for art lately. *she says, frantically touching wood*

Anyway it's 11pm. Tonight I get to drink wine with my lover, watch a movie, and then snuggle on down.

Tomorrow I get to inhale creation and breathe it out again.

Here's to a beautiful weekend, Y'all.
And here's to my beautiful Soni, who likes pink ladies and art.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

3 New Works.

Completed three new works today. I don't know how I feel about them. I like them because they are pretty and colourful. And at least two of them capture mood. But I don't like them because they're not as narrative or dramatic as I would like.
Instead of slumping about it I've picked out a new model for tomorrow and will focus instead on that.

I also may rework the 'dandelion' out of these three.

Today's work:

Hide & Go Seek


Blue Skies

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Secret Pleasure.

Today is a good day in the art world - thusfar.
I have picked out several photographs to paint from and I am excited to draw them up.
But more importantly, due to the recent sale, I can afford to buy some much needed art supplies. Because I've been doing smaller works I can officially take the $50 I would have spent on paper and spend it on paint. Delicious new colours! I have been pouring over them online, deciding which colours I simply must have and which I can get by with trying to mix. It's all tremendously exciting but in that *quiet* sort of way. Like a secret pleasure. A little ho-hum inside. Which got me to wondering about which sort of excitement was better. The jump-up-and-down, screaming-on-the-couch, fly-through-the-air LOOK AT ME excitement? Or the snug, contented, delicious, quiet-sunshine-in-my-stomach excitement. But are rip-roaringly *good* but...

I think today I love the snug.

Maybe my paints will arrive this week!
Maybe they will arrive next week.
I suppose the longer they take, though, the longer the secret pleasure.

Ho Hum
Ho Hum
Hoooooo Huuuuum

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I Wonder.

I used to babysit a girl who had Walt Disney movie after Walt Disney movie. She also had every other fairytale on tape. The bookshelf was full of movies for this kid and she'd watch them, night after night, on repeat.

And I just wondered.
If she had turned into a fairy yet.

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Work

Added to my site.

More tomorrow,

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Sold a Piece.

I sold a painting this morning. I sold 'Poppies and Rain'. The buyer was someone I know online and I am glad for it because I have grown to love this work. And it's nice to know it is going to someone special.

I went to the hardware store to buy wood and paints. I spent the afternoon sawing masonite to size and then sanding, priming and painting it. My head is dizzy with the fumes, the air in my studio is so thick everything swirls in multiple colours.

I remember reading a romance novel when I was 12 about an artist who was living and working in her shack on the beach. She hadn't cracked any of the windows and she passed out due to the fumes. Of course the hero of the novel swooped in and saved her. It was all terribly romantic. Unfortunately I think my passing out is just going to be graceless, unglamorous and stupid.

It is 9.30pm and I'm drawing up a work I have been inspired to paint for days. My head is crashing so my bottle of chilled water and my ibuprofen are my friends. And my Jupiter Gurl CD. I feel like if I don't get a hold of it tonight my entire week will be off kilter and I'll be a mean person to be around. And then I'll sink into a funk. So tonight I must push and I must pull through with this piece - so I can wake up smiling.

Anyway I did have a reason to post (other than the news of my sale). And that is to pass on a quote I heard and adored on the Andy Warhol documentary I am watching (that a friend sent me).
It goes as such:

"I was walking in Bali and I saw a bunch of people in a clearing having a ball. Because somebody they really liked had just died and I realised that everything was just how you decided to think about it. Sometimes people let the same problems make them miserable for years when they should just what. That's my favourite thing to say - so what. I don't know how I made it through all the years before I learned to do that trick. It took a long time for me to learn it but once you do you never forget."


Friday, March 2, 2007

You Want Inspiration?

My brother is doing an Ironman RIGHT NOW.
I have been hooked on it all day.
I keep checking the site every three seconds.
I'm so freaking proud I have been shouting from the rooftops.
It's his FIRST TIME and he's doing AMAZING.


I won't be drinking wine and watching telly afterall.
I'm bouncing off the walls.
I am going to start training for a marathon (SEE! Ya'll NEED a big bother to inspire THAT sort of thiing!)

And art?

I love my family.
All of them.
*so much*

I have to visit New Zealand this year.
I just *have to*!

Small Town Art Opening - Bust or No?

Oh dear!
I went to an art opening tonight. I was quite excited about it. I didn't know the artist or his work but he's a friend of a friend so I was quite looking forward to getting out, to mingling, to enjoying art and artistic chatter and to seeing some people I hadn't seen in awhile. But I guess the problem is this.

I spend so much time in my head, I spend so much time in my grand old mind, thinking amazing thoughts and dreaming up wicked plans. I spend so much time in in my tower (not an ivory tower, by the way, but a tower made of starsplash and moonshine, rocks and smarties, hair and feathers) and I'm in there soooooo long that when I step out into the world I expect it to be equally as crazy, equally as busy, equally as abundant, and as *insane* and colourful. Definitely no less. *Especially* when I step out with art in mind. I guess I spend so much time in my tower I kinda forget that I live in a small town, in Alabama!

Soooo, I bundle up. Put on my coat. My make-up. Wear my funky new necklace. And cruise out into the night, cursing the fact I haven't made business cards, wondering how late we'll be because although I'm tired I *love* splashing about in artistic affairs. In fact I think boy and I even mini-argued about how late we'd stay!

Well! We get there and it takes all of FIVE MINUTES to inhale the work. And it was good work, honestly, but...there wasn't much *to* the room. And then I look around and there's only one person we actually know and the rest...well, upon eavesdropping, the rest aren't even talking art talk. They are talking about kids off at college studying accounting and the like. *blowfish face*. What now, what now?

I look at boy.
Boy looks at me.
We waltz back out into the night.
It's not like we could stagger down the street to a nearby store or event (oh, I remember artists night in Philly! So great!) however I *refuse* to end our Friday night so abruptly! All dressed up and nowhere to go! So I say to boy 'we need a treat. we need something. let's go to the supermarket and get a gooey dessert that we'd *both* love' And so we do. Not only that but we get a bottle of wine (we're so classy, wine and doughnuts) And we agree to have a FABULOUS night in, watching Northern Exposure, slurping wine, eating doughnuts, getting tipsy and just...

you know.

Just hanging out in our tower.

It's not so bad, this multi-coloured mess.
You know in fact I think I kinda prefer it.
The next time I go to an art opening I propose it's a new one I've made in one of my non-ivory rooms. Because...well...the anti-climatic, small-town art-opening was dreadfully inspiring in it's own way afterall. For isn't it always when the paper is blank in front of you that you crave making a mark?

Yes. Yes I think it's time to make my own show. And then to get the hell out of dodge with it. But for now....I think I hear a wine bottle calling my name....

*slinks off into the night*