Monday, March 31, 2008

Love It

Garfield Minus Garfield.

On Glitter, Splinters & Krylon


t h e . o t h e r . d a y .

"You have glitter on your face"
"Of course I have glitter on my face...I live with you. When you live with Sarah you have glitter and splinters. Glitter on your face and splinters in your clothes."

t o d a y .

"You smell like chocolate and krylon."
me: "Baby, chocolate and krylon is what I'm all about"


The best artwork is this.

(not mine but I wish it was)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Not

It's not an existential crisis to admit particle.
And then every surrounding emotion, which is none, is just logical.

If particles were solid, this is what potential would look like:

Our lips will never taste the same.
That's funny, no?
We never had lips to begin with.

We need the right sparks to go further in life.
You don't believe in it but I do.

I'm in the corner cracking flint, waiting for your head to explode.

Would Love

I would love to share my self portrait photo with you.
To see from the birth the pose selection, composition ideas, the final sketch and the painting as it is begun.
But alas, my family read this blog and my self portrait pose is - fittingly - naked.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Floating Faces

I love the floating faces stage.
It's one of my favourite painting stages, really.

Of course eventually you have to start painting bodies in.
(actually maybe I'll do a floating faces show one day and then I won't have to *grin*)

Excuse my filthy feet.


This is beautiful!

Why didn't anybody tell me about her?
(I stumbled across this song on a friends account)

New theme song.
New dance song.
New turn and twirl and paint song.

I adore it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What To Watch

Hiding in my studio about to watch something online.
Lounge occupied by musicians.
I should be sneakily listening to them but my body is sore.

What to watch?!

I am choosing between:

'Confessions Of A Superhero'
'Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre' (hollar, Lyvvie!)
'A Bigger Splash'


I just hit my head.
I just konked my noggin in a spectacularly painful way.
See-spots-and-fall-to-the-ground kind of way.
Hit-the-window-like-a-stunned-bird kind of way.
And in about fifteen minutes people are arriving.
And I'm still seeing spots.
And the keyboard is beyond trippy.

What do you do when you hit your head hard?
Is there a policy?

I'm still stunned.
And damned if I can walk in a straight line.
And I should have just stayed collapsed at the bottom of the stairs.



A 2mm edge is the difference between going to the hardware store and not.
Between starting a work today or not.
Between being able to carry on working or not.

Thank-you, little bitty 2mm edge!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last But Not Least

I think my sock broke.


And notice what is on my desk below?
A Coke Zero, running shoes and a bottle of aspirin.
Story of my life.
*rabbit nose*


Today I made frames.
4 large scale ones for 'The Artisans' series.

I was going to take some funky photos with them but my head is shattered and I'm exhausted.

I've taken this to show you one frame:

And tomorrow when I have energy and am far more alive than now I will probably do a funky photo shoot before I glue the tops to each frame.


Work is tiring.
I am tired.
I need a kick in the arse.

Goodnight, all.

This Makes Me

This makes me feel alive.


Deport Me, You Arse

My friend and I had a heartbreak session at the park today.
Every morning while we are out there we see a group of three dogs hanging around. Every morning we say hey to them, every morning they look ridiculously happy to be alive.
Two are little beagles and they are SO CUTE. The other is a larger dog, a mix of breeds we're unsure of.
Anyway Lap 3 my friend is on the phone to her sister and mentions them 'oh, our dogs are out!'. But Lap 6 we see something that stops our big, ranty, vegetarian, animal-loving hearts.
We see animal control.
We see him putting ONE of the beagles in his truck, all caged up. We see no sign of the large dog (is he in the truck already?) and we see him trying to catch the other little beagle. We almost stop in our tracks.
This pathetic COWARD has a cage out, too. A cage with a huge pile of meat and some water. He is driving slowly away, circling the car park, while the beagle goes to investigate. Like we're watching a car crash, we rubber-neck in horror, slowing our pace. My friend starts making noise to attract the dog but the dog doesn't come. To our RELIEF he veers away from the cage. We walk on, dreading what we'll see on our next lap.
Meanwhile, away from the location, we start cussing. Cussing like drunken sailors being attacked by bees. We talk in dismay about mankind, about our species, about what we do to the animals we live with.
Personally I get so ANGRY that we decide to kill weaker species to our convenience. Don't tell me it's about survival. That's a RIDICULOUS point to argue in this day and age. We're monsters, that's all there is to it now. I'm boiling. My friend is busy picking up throw at our beloved dog when we pass, to scare him away.
We come up around the bend and see the aniaml control truck. I - very vocally - start yelling and cussing again, about cowardice, about real fighting, about taking a bite here and there. I hope the loser sitting on his lazy arse in the truck can hear me. My friend and I talk about setting the trap off, closing the door. Can we get arrested for interference? I don't care, DEPORT ME YOU ARSE.
We come up upon the cage, the truck is still down the street some. The dog is nowhere to be seen. We're getting ready to go up and shut the cage, arguments already formed in my head (you MORON, people walk their dogs here EVERYDAY, you can't TRAP ANIMALS here, how MENTALLY CHALLENGED ARE YOU?!) when the dude starts up his truck and drives down. My friend suggests he knows we're up to something as we've spent the whole time glaring at him, his truck, the cage, the dogs. I suspect she is right. We watch for a bit and are pretty sure he's going to pack the cage up now the dog has gone. At least that's what we hope.
We also hope the other dogs have owners that will call the pound and get them out.


What a HORRIBLE morning.
I swear.
I'm so sad and mad, I'm smad. :(

Monday, March 24, 2008


Oh, and I'm going to stop checking to see if the water is boiling by putting my fingers in it.

Sometimes that just hurts.

On Gloves

Found a colour in acrylic I didn't know I had that will be perfect for some siding.
I know nobody cares, really, but me, but imagine waking up to a new gold coin buried deep in a treasure trunk when you'd already counted them all.

It's 8am.
I smell like epoxy.
Apples and epoxy.
Actually I taste epoxy too...that's not good.
I need to start caring more about that stuff.
Not for me but for those around me who care about illness.
I'd hate to hurt anybody by becoming the stupid epoxy-cancer girl.
That's simply not fair to the people who love me.

I think maybe today I'll buy some surgical gloves.
And switch out epoxy-cancer girl for epoxy-glove girl.

Growing up is easy if you just grow with logic.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

And He Says....

"There were lots of little Easter baskets but I know what you like most."

And I want to cry he's so beautiful.

Happy Easter Everybody.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Not A Starfucker, But....

(and Andrae wouldn't call himself a star) goodness!

Andrae Gonzalo just called and left a message on my machine.
Leaving his number *does the frat-boy get-a-girl look* and a message.

Er...this is phenomonally cool in so many ways.
You see the difference between Andrae Gonzalo and some mainstream movie star is that the former actually makes PIECES OF ART to hold in your hands and wear on your body...something solid, something to hold onto, something beautiful. Gifts, if you will.
Movies are grand, man, but fashion is better.
And I got addicted to the show 'Project Runway' because of it. It's like imagining someone saying 'make a painting with this amount of time and this amount of materials' and then watching the canvases parade down the runway. It's a crazy thought and a crazy thing to watch. of my favourite designers on the show was Andrae Gonzalo. WHO JUST CALLED MY PHONE.

My friend Sharon (a kick-arse woman all around) is a fashion designer who works with/under Andrae. And being that aforementioned kick-arse woman she got him to call and leave a message. Heh. have no where to go from here except to say it was VERY COOL to hear it.
what the hell.

Did I just pimp an Andrae youtube?
Maybe it's official.
I'm a mini starfucker.

*leaves to scrub clean*

I'll Be Damned...

If I go without Hot Cross Buns for Easter FIVE YEARS in a row.
I'm making them.
For everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Latest Works

The colours *pop*.
I love them.
I hope tomorrow's works pop just as well.
I'm really very excited by the colours.

Roses and Poses

I have to get naked and model myself for 'The Painter' in the artisan series.
It will be my self portrait of the year which means it will also be kinda important to me.
So, posing....It would be fine if I weren't currently so exhausted.
*slaps face*
And if my body weren't warm and the floor so chilly.

Actually I'm thinking of making the 'Artisans' series personal. Using my friends for each of the models.

It would be hard because most of the people I would use live at a distance and not being there to physically model them and take the photographs might not work out.

I'll have to see.

I have to compile a list of people and poses.

I'll do the best I can.
I'm already in debate over which manuscript to use on the 'The Writer'.
I know too many skilled writers.

I think...
I was thinking...
I was thinking about using my father's book.
To be close to him, and to his father, and to have history and family in my work.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Note To Self:

Get frisket off Rapunzel before it perishes.

Vagina Stuff

I made up a *really* good song about vaginal paper cuts today, but I don't have a microphone to sing it to you with.

I bring you this, instead, for my sister.

The Art of Vaginal Origami

Let's get a-folding!

That's Me!

That's me, below!

I've had comment that it doesn't look like me.
And I just thought I'd point out...if you ever see a woman snuggling my man and it doesn't look like me, you'll be able to tell for certain by her skin...if it is broken, black and blue, then it's most likely someone else.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Monday, March 17, 2008


Is going well.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Walking On Bone

With the exception of now, of soaking in the bath for half an hour, and talking to my best mate in NZ for 45 minutes, I have been on my feet all day long.
I got up at 5.30am, it's now after 11pm.
I'm exhausted.
More so, it feels like I'm walking on bone.

I'm at the point now where I either go upstairs and pass out or I drink some caffeine, run into the store for something, and then watch a movie when I get home.
That would involve getting next to no sleep before the morn.
But there is something I want at the store...
And something I have to wait for....(hence watching the movie)

To sleep or not to sleep!

That is the *yawn* question.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nature Gets Beautiful

Happy Pi Day.

Happy Pi Day Everybody!

Linda Herzog

I really like her stuff.


My workout partner had to cancel this morning so I got up early to paint instead.
It's cold this morning but the days have been hot.
Ironically it feels more like winter this morning than it has in a long time.
The chill is just so.

I have a headache from my incense or music, I'm not sure which, and I refuse to give either up.

And I'm painting.
I'm working on a piece that is fast becoming my favourite portrait.
It's beautiful.
There shall be no photo updates, though, because the client wants to be surprised.
I'm 100% sure they don't read my blog.
But I'd rather just keep it hush in the meantime.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday I hung Klimt and Mucha all over my studio.
I'm dead in love with them both.
But then you all know about my Klimt affair, I don't know if I've shouted about Mucha before.

*contented sigh*


I adore my friends.
No, really.
Adore them.

"Oh and Sarah, guess frigging what?!! I went outside to traverse to the plastic outhousemobile, and a gust of wind flew so strong that it flipped my hat off! Of course, I turned around to catch it, because I like this hat, and another, even stronger gust of wind came and picked me up and took my whirlwind around and I saw stars over Japan and played with whales in the ocean and then I saw a bright flicker of orgasm and asked the wind to go that way. And do you know, it was in Alabama, and it was YOU! You were light and pretty and dancing around. The wind brought me swooping down and I was almost able to touch you to tie a ribbon in your hair, but dropped it. So if you see a blue ribbon lying around, know that that was me."


I was having trouble getting my head around just how I was going to do my new pieces.
I had the concept but it was hard to figure into feasible compositions.
I'm happy to say I just cocked my head and saw everything in a new light.
And now composing should be a lot easier.
The works should be just as beautiful.
And production will be much more fun.



I stumbled upon Curnen.
I found her absolutely/perfectly.

I wish the door hadn't been shut in my face.
Because now the art is piling up in the gutter.

Graffitti someone sent me once.


Before photoshop, there was warrior art.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Series

Has begun.

Monday, March 10, 2008


in the winter....
makes me ha-peee....
like it .should. .do.

(20 points if you can figure out what song I just altered)

Like I said elsewhere, if I quit dancing around with butterflies in my mouth, I'm sure my room would be done by now.

The $1 Tree

The $1 tree is my friend.
Decoration begins today.

back to the ladder.

Uncle Bully

I went to see 10,000 BC.
I didn't realise Cliff Curtis was in it until I saw him.
It made me smile.
No, it made me grin.
I love when people from the little land work on international projects.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Forgive The Pop

Heard this on a poppy song.
But you have to forgive even the poppiest of songs when their lyrics are so beautiful.

"And I think you need to stop following misery`s lead
Shine away, shine away, shine away
Isn`t it time you got over how fragile you are
We`re all waiting
Waiting on your supernova
Cause that`s who you are
And you`ve only begun to shine"

All of my many great things are happening for them.
And for me.
And we all deserve it.
There seems to be a smile on every pore on my body.
Do you know what that feels like?
I want to plant sunflowers in the sky.
And paper on my head.
And a smile on your face.
I want to kiss the world with juju lips.
And dance a little with all.

Spring is coming.
Today I decorate my studio and twirl.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Golden Fingers

I swear I was going to work today but when a girlfriend called me and asked if I'd like to run errands with her the devil in me couldn't say no.
After she treated me to an awesome lunch and we had checked out my show we went to the hardware store (you know that's one of my favourite places to be) and then headed back to her house to do some plumbing.
We needed to replace the faucet on her kitchen sink which involved trying to unscrew some pretty stubborn bolts in awkward places under the basin. Without the right tools (and with our big, gigantic girl muscles) we managed to strip one of the bolts almost bare. I looked down after touching the bolt (to see if it had loosened) to find my fingers covered in gold specks.
My hands were a little raw and red and the gold was sparkling all over them.
It made me think of how when Frida Kahlo was ripped in two the gold leaf from a nearby painter sprinkled all over her. I always found that so beautiful.
Can you imagine that? A young girl torn in two, her body just a mass of blood and bone, and then golden hail sprinkling and bathing her completely?
I would have loved to have seen that.
Anyway she wasn't a painter before the accident, she became one after.
They say - obviously - it's because she had nothing else to do while she was healing and that it became a way to express her pain.
But I prefer to believe that she absorbed something in that golden rain, something from outside of herself, something from outside of everything. How could she not have absorbed anything from it?
And today when I saw the golden flakes on my skin, these little bits of metal, I fought temptation to press them further into my fingers. I resisted the temptation to absorb them into my blood.
And it's just as well, too. know.
Then I'd probably become a plumber. ;)



Friday, March 7, 2008


It is 9pm and I promised to watch a movie at 9. I have updated my painting site but not DeviantArt yet.
Deviant will take more time anyway because I'll have to sort links and give model credits.
I shall leave that until tomorrow, then.
I'll also add prints tomorrow.

*drums fingers on desk*

I'd love to stay and do it now.

*drums fingers faster*

But I promised and I have to go.

*rabbit nose*

Model Search

I have a crashing headache but I really need to model search tonight.
I'll take some aspirin, chased by caffeine, chased by aspirin.
*le sigh*

I have to work like there is a demon on my back otherwise I will lay back like there is an angel on my shoulder.

Whilst searching, seeing as it is an online chore, I ought to update deviantart and also my website.

Hoorah. Html code. *makes stank face*

Is it REALLY only 6.15pm?!
It feels like 10 already.

Ov vey!

Like A Child

Snow flurries expected around 5 in the morning tomorrow!!!
That's when I get up to head to the park.
I SCREAM like a child.
I'm not telling my workout partner in case she cancels.
And I'm - absolutely - taking my camera.

Do All

Do all artists like to bake, I wonder?
It's such an extension of creating.
But it's a creating that helps and heals and nourishes and it's something you can completely devour.
I've always liked to bake.
It makes me feel so earthy and real.
I wonder if I could eat my paintings, would I?
Perhaps so but only if I could divide them into many, many pieces and share them around.

Took this photo in the kitchen this morning.

Click to make it large.
So amazing.


I want to share with you the most beautiful thing in the world but I can't for he will get embarrassed I took photos of him sleeping.
I will go to the kitchen instead and make him some lemon poppy seed bread.

*finds apron and slippers*

Good Morning Friday!
Thank-you for the sun.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Click (and or drag) anywhere on this page.

Flower Garden.

Reading Is Good For You

Who knew?
I was waiting for my friend to arrive this morning so I started reading a book somebody gave me.
From one sentence I pulled some *amazing* ideas for paintings (for my new series).

I am re-excited.
I'm just trying to plough through a couple of old commissions and then I'm free to do as I please.

Free, I tell you!
Free to paint what I want.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And So

And so I like it.
And so I leave to paint.

Forget it

I got moody so I dyed it a different colour.
Take that, world!
*shakes feeble white fist*


This is my natural hair colour.

Now that I'm becoming an artist (ie, no time for vanity) I'm considering going back to it so I never need bother with touch-ups again!

Maybe I shall do this today.
I have about five different colours in my bathroom.

My Porn Site

I have decided for my porn site to just drop the "i" out of painting.

You know....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

p r e t t y .

Show Stuff

Finally I sit and update.

Here is me jiving in the studio a few hours before I go to hang meh stuff. Huzzah!

Here is the final piece 'The Pearl' which I did NOT use.

Here are other pieces I chose not to use or finish.

Here is wall hanging I found at World Market and bought to use as card holder.

Here are labels I made.

Here is my little wall. Squee!

Here is the little bookstore/coffeeshop.

And here is a photo I got boy to sneak from the outside because there were so many people on the inside drinking coffee and typing on laptops that I got too embarrassed to take real photos.

Consider yourselves updated.

Other things to note?
My hair is currently strawberry blonde (today only).
The new Morcheeba album kicks ALL KINDS of butt. Go find you it. ;)