Friday, March 21, 2008

Roses and Poses

I have to get naked and model myself for 'The Painter' in the artisan series.
It will be my self portrait of the year which means it will also be kinda important to me.
So, posing....It would be fine if I weren't currently so exhausted.
*slaps face*
And if my body weren't warm and the floor so chilly.

Actually I'm thinking of making the 'Artisans' series personal. Using my friends for each of the models.

It would be hard because most of the people I would use live at a distance and not being there to physically model them and take the photographs might not work out.

I'll have to see.

I have to compile a list of people and poses.

I'll do the best I can.
I'm already in debate over which manuscript to use on the 'The Writer'.
I know too many skilled writers.

I think...
I was thinking...
I was thinking about using my father's book.
To be close to him, and to his father, and to have history and family in my work.


Kay said...

Remember your body prints? I still think they are great. Two seasons were particularly good.

I saw them before I moved here, but I can't remember where they are at this very moment.

It is enough to know that they are.

(i love)...colours... said...

A self portrait would be great!!

What's the book about?

Hope said...

This sounds like a *magnificent* project.

Your soul.
Your mind.
Your skill.
Your imagination.
Your essence.

Astonishes me.