Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Am The Shiznit WIfe

I am the shiznit wife! My man went to work today and he won't be home until 5ish. He has a game here at six and people coming over. He wanted a games table in the library but we didn't have time to go looking for one.


The Shiznit Wife (yes, I will be a comicstrip character one day) made him a table!

1) a fishtank stand
2) a door
3) some masonite
4) a tablecloth
5) drill & screws
6) hammer and nails

And yo! Old doors weren't hollow. SOLID *heavy* WOOD. That I unhinged and carried down two flights of stairs. Swear to goodness I say, the shiznit.

Zee playing surface is smooth as a baby's bottom.

Now if you'll excuse me, this shiznit wife is off to make a batch of her man's favourite cookies for this evening and to tidy and decorate.

(you can throw up if you want to)


Kay said...

I am speechless. Not about the table. I expect nothing less of you.

But your house is tidy! And beautiful. And there is a painting I want to see more of... And I love the colours and the books... I miss my books...Where is your clutter? Your creative mess? The bits you inherited from me?

(Goes off to take a look at her own mess...knowing she will only find beauty in it, there is no hope...)

Lyvvie said...

Not that I believe in ghosts or anything because, you know I'm not like that, but there's an orb in your last picture.

You're definitely the Shiznit. Was it appreciated? Did he gush? Where you hoisted high upon the pedestal and worshiped? You should've been.

Hope said...

I am NEVER telling Chan about this . . . he'll start wishing HE has a Shiznit wife, and we just can't start that trend. You're amazing!

Hope said...

oh, and I have to ask . . . I see a very curious kitty (is that Pablo? I can't tell!). Did he approve of his new walking surface? :)

(i love)...colours... said...

clever chicken!

Will you marry me? ;)