Thursday, May 28, 2009




Wednesday, May 27, 2009



If I cannot find the right quotations to summarise the feeling of each work, I shall have to write the quotations myself!

I am very unimpressed with my searching today. Unless...should I *be* impressed that I end up back at myself?

*squinty eyes*


Oh dear.

I suppose, because I cannot find good resource images of the landscapes I see in my mind, that I should just try and paint the landscapes I see in my mind.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Good, No Good

Oh, the next two weeks are going to be horrible because I'm not in Scotland and Italy like I'm supposed to be.
And everyone else is.
Couple that with exhaustion and left over pregnancy hormones and I'm bound to be a mess.

So....operation FIGHT DEPRESSION....I *really* *really* *really* need to work on all things art right now.

Distraction - it's not just a river in Egypt.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Freaking *did* it.
Model searched all morning.
Found an *amazingly* inspiring male model.
Designed an entire series in my head around him.
Sorted through and saved some poses that will work.
Realised you can see my boobies in my DA avvie on different computers. *eyeroll*

I may or may not draw the works up this evening...that's no problem.

I feel like I've done a huge chunk of work today.
Creative work.

And it's...blissful.

No, really.

Oh, I couldn't explain if I wanted to!

I think, due to the stormy weather, the tired mamma and the wonderful accomplishments of today, I am going to snuggle in bed with my bug tonight and watch some kind of weird, trippy art flick (that in no way passes my snobby standards) and fall asleep smiling.

Go on...have another serving of Bliss while you're at it, Ms. Scott!

( know...I'll creep out at midnight to light candles in The Ovary Room and have at it while the world sleeps)

Anaemic smiles have never looked so pretty.
(okay, no, just imagine it because I'm too tired to take a photo. plus my boobies might show on your computer *another eyeroll*)

Spring Cleaning

Oh yes, and I'd like to revamp my blog.
New title bar, new colour scheme, etc, when I get the chance.

I suppose it's just Spring.


Need to update it and change the layout.
Nothing fancy.
Need to put on a lot of works from last year (including the masquerade series)and change the splash page so it shows recent activity.

Wish List

A wireless card for the computer which has been moved into my studio.
Will help excessively with model searching and site updates.

Another work bench.

A place to cut wood and spray paint...possibly front porch, which needs to be cleared.

Time. (it's not an illusion, no, no, I swear it's can be bought in a bottle from the sweaty guy on the corner, right?)

May 25 - Today

Today, after a 6 month absence, I hope to get back into the studio.
No, I don't 'hope to', I WILL.
Prior attempts at this have left me undercoating, at best, with no real work being done.
By the end of today I hope to have chosen 4 models/poses, designed the compositions and idea, and have drawn up 4 works.
The last - the drawing up of 4 works - may be impossible and I won't kill myself if I am not able to do it...But I will draw up at least ONE.

I am most excited.

I will start small, but surely start.

It's one small step for art, but one huge leap for Sarahkind.

It's True Love

With the latest addition to our family it was a little bit hard (ie. impossible) to use my watercolours. Especially while nursing.
To get around this problem of 'not being able to create' I thought about changing mediums.
For Mothers Day, in fact, boy got me some really expensive coloured pencils and a new sketchbook.
Unfortunately, as I wrote elsewhere, giving up watercolours for a new medium is like giving up true love for a tawdry affair.
I just can't see it ending well.
So for the past month I've put it off. And off. And off.
Procrastination is not a friend to the arts.
Today I've decided, with all certainty, to get back into the studio.
And with that decision I've also chosen to stick with watercolours.
It will be hard to work around them and a baby (it's the drying time, you see, amongst other things) but I'm willing to give it a go before giving up this medium completely.
At the very worst I will switch to WC paper, instead of painting on wood, which dries much faster.

Wish me luck.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Ovary Room

Is the new name for my studio.
It's amazing how the addition of one penis to the house can make you scream words like 'ovary'.
I love my boys more than ANYTHING and I'm quite liking the idea of being the figure of feminine beauty in our family.
My studio shall become a safe haven for that.
A place to dive and delve into my own personal orbs and stretches, to move and grow as a member of the opposite sex.

I'm temporarily sharing 'The Ovary Room' so we still call it 'The Art Room' for now.

I cannot wait until I can pull up the staples and lay the flooring.

Then I just need to start working again.

My darling husband is working out a schedule with the sprog so that I can get back into it.

And the sprog seems to be sleeping a little more.

So...we'll make it.
The art world and I.

I'm not sure what my next quest is but it's rolling on in like a storm.