Saturday, May 31, 2008


4 due at Starbucks by Monday.
Photos soon.

Inside The Car Wash

My lover and I took a midnight trip to the carwash to make-out.
Water pounding on windows, car rocking of it's own accord.
The lighting, multi-coloured, orgasmic and playing all over our bodies. A Kieslowski film.
Our mouths wide with grin because it's movie, because it's secret, because it's highschool, because it's us.
And then the giggles.
The inbetween giggles.
Hands folding into each other, falling off of each other.
And just looking at him, in that crazy carwash lighting, knowing that everything in that moment was who we claimed to be.
Colour and action and movement.
Two artists lost in a private second, a private universe.
Tucked away inside of ourselves.
Nothing but vibrating atoms.

New Brush

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I just realised I never posted photos of my new stomping ground.

I love it so.
Very much.


I'm in from 10 miles at the park.
I'm dressed in nothing but a layer of dried salt.
I'm dancing between rooms, boiling up a bubble bath.
Later I will splish and splash (oh, and I do! I play drums on the water top) whilst listening to fabulous bath time music.
And then when I come out I predict I'll be naked...ohhhh....for just about as long as I can be.

I will be dressed for my lunch date.
And for my models who are coming over.
Photoshoot this afternoon!
Very exciting.
It's just the passion around it that makes it exciting.
A woooo woo.

*celebrates nekkid style*

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

By The Way

I'm working really hard.
I just haven't bothered to stop for photos.
Maybe when things are all wrapped up.
Like Christmas.


I like this a lot.

Beryl Cook.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Skullcrusher Mountain


I'm over my tantrum.
They're allowed their emotions so they must allow me mine.

Exhibition Side Note:

Dear Viewers,
'The Artisan' series was originally intended to be a mix of the male and female artists I know and admire.
Unfortunately the male artists I know all became too shy to pose.
Bollocks to them!
Please enjoy these lovely ladies instead.

(creator and painter of 'The Artisans')

HOORAH! Guess What?

Guess what I found at the flea market for FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS?!?
(yes, Americans have a one cent coin)


Die Chocolate Die

I love our friends.
This is what I found when I came downstairs this morn.

Well it *was* Creativity Night, after all.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tom Waits Tickets


Squee of all squees!

Rock on July.


Went to see Indiana Jones today.
Was not disappointed!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am far closer to being done on my fairytales than on my artisans.
I'm still rounding up models and concepts for my artisans.
I have all of my concepts for my fairytales and I have three near complete large works.
I think maybe, despite originally choosing otherwise, I will have the tales in Starbucks instead.

The Artisans don't need to be rushed.
And hey, maybe I can show them elsewhere soon enough anyway.

I know I'll be less likely to sell the tales due to their sizes and pricing.
But at least they'll be good to look at and I'll get my name out there.

And with the commission sale today I WON'T feel bad about getting the art supplies I'll need for new tale canvases! Hoorah! She lives to paint another day!

More to come.
Life is ridiculously full and flavoursome right now.
So busy.
Lots of brand spanking new friends I'm throughly enjoying at least 3 different nights a week.
And then spending time with family on weekends.
And my girlfriend in the morning.
And then let's not get into phone time of the friends who aren't close enough to hang out with.
All this on top of work, exercise and smooching my man.

I'm grasping at breath every spare minute.
I suppose grasping at breath equates gasping.
And a gasp is a beautiful thing.

On the count of three.



A gasp is a beautiful thing.


I received a commission this morning for a house painting.
I'm very, very excited about it.
I can't paint landscapes without meaning attached (which is why I paint people by trade) but give me something sentimental and I freak out with eagerness.
Because this is a person's *home* I know I'll be able to do a great job.
It'll be a challenge so I know I'll work really hard.



*other stuff*

Behind schedule.
Running to catch up.

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Intimate Portrait

Today I get to pose my husband for 'The Musician' in the artisan series.
I'm excited about it.
And nervous.
And excited.

I didn't want to have a piece with a guitar in it. I had another plan that involved a female flautist. But all the passion, drive and magic I know in this world concerning music comes from my man. There's no question that he's the one I need to paint.

He was up very late creating (two ships crossing in the night last night) and I am up very early so I think I will let him sleep for a bit before I pounce.

I'm just so excited for this shoot.
I'm just so excited for the presence of him.
Of trying to capture something so beautiful.

I think this portrait will be infinitely more important to me than my self-portrait.
I really hope I can pull this off.
His world means so much to me...I think it's quite possible that it's impossible for anybody to capture even an ounce of it.
But dammit...I'm going to try.

And I'm very, very excited about that.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Two shots from the shoot today.
I knew I wasn't going to make the shot before the timer went off and I bust out laughing in both of them.

Global Peace Index 2008

I think it's really interesting.
I stole this from Colours.

^ clicky click ^

In The Space Of A Day

I'm in my new room!
*throws arms up into the air in joy*
I started and finished it yesterday.
I'm very happy with the space.
Boy came home and said 'yet AGAIN you have a cooler studio than me'.
But that's only because he won't let me go into his room and hang his guitars up!
This morning I am perched on my barstool, feet on hardrive, eating chocolate chips, listening to good tunes and inhaling incense.
Feels so good.
Aw, poop.
There is work to be done soon.
When I'm done dancing and twirling around in my new space. ;)

Happy Thursday Everybody!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


And so begins the big move.
Today I dismantle my studio.

We carve.
We push.
We stop.
We pull.

We sculpt.
We birth.
We close.
We bury.

Exactly ten steps between this room and the next.
We accompany each one with song.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bursting Through

To move or not to move, zat is zee question.
I love my studio. I do. But I can tell you right now I won't be able to handle it come summer.
Boy mentioned putting an AC unit in here, which could work, but to save money I could also just move to another room in the house that has AC.
I went to my old studio upstairs. This is what the beautiful thing looked like:

The it kudzu? Hmmm. The vines outside have grown up between the windows, bursting their way into my room. That's almost reason alone to's a gorgeous action, they're coming in to take over...just as nature should.

But I like being on the bottom level of the house. I do. I like feeling more central to things.
We have people over to play games on Fridays and on random days throughout the week we have 'creativity nights' and I like being close to that atmosphere, drifting from boys studio to mine, chatting and hanging out with friends.
And I like just...the layout of being down here.
So there is a downstairs room I can take, also, with AC. But it would be nice as a guest bedroom or also if I ever convert the gym back.
And it's right next to B's room so music would be a conflict in the evenings.
Decisions, decisions.
And then, like I originally said, I just adore the room I'm in now...with the windows, the height, living above a kudzu jungle.

I'll have to give this serious thought.
More space would be nice.
To not wilt in the heat would be nice.
A new location would be fun.

But my room right beautiful!


Long Legs

Today is beautiful.
I'm wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt, hair pulled off my face, and I'm tip-toeing through canvases as I prime them.
My legs are particularly long today, which is nice.
Somebody must have stretched them while I slept.
And as I juggle my body around each board, careful not to distribute dust or toe print, my calf muscle visits and leaves again appropriately.
I feel like crane, picking through the reeds.

There's something beautiful in that.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Unfinished Seamstress

Busy as a mofo.
Time thieves in every corner.
Really unexpected, every day!
But joyous.
Still afloat.
Gonna make it.

Here is 'The Seamstress' UNFINISHED.

More when I can, off to spray paint new canvases and get them ready for priming.



Sunday, May 18, 2008


Mark my words.

On this beautiful, amazing, sunshiney day...I will lock myself inside and box my brain.

High-ho, High-ho, High-ho.

Most Important Man

This is one of the most important men in my life.

This is my dad.
This is my role model.
And he just made every pore on my body smile.
How nifty is that?

Best photo ever!

Flunking Maths

I did a quick chart at a party last night.
I figured out if it's 'The Artisan' series I'd like to show in the coffee shop that I have, roughly, 3 days for each 36x22.25" work. That will have to include frame making and drawing.
So, with no interruptions (not likely) that will mean 8 large pieces within less than a month.
Models still to be sorted (I opted to use the artists I love and admire in these pieces rather than generic online models and distance makes that much more difficult) and concepts still to be worked around (gender/theme issues)

Basically what I'm saying is the next month will be nothing but work, all day long, every day, and I'll have to refrain from play. Which, with art, is *exhausting*. No, no. It is. Sometimes this sort of decision making will ruin your body *and* ruin your art.

And I may not get The Wizard of Oz series finished to go alongside The Artisans as originally hoped.

And I will still be doing SYTs, you know.

*hefty sigh*

I can get it done.
I can get it done.
I can get it done.

All of it, yes yes.
For I have love, and light, and life on my side.

Remind of that, y'all, when I'm freaking out...okay?
And feel free to send care packages to the woman in her tower.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Somebody stole some dandelions out of a yard for me today.
They were covered in aphids.

I don't think they knew dandelions are my favourite flower.
Or that Aphid used to be my name.

Pretty neato, huh?

The Trick Is Knowing

The trick is knowing which one to drink.

Believe me, it gets confusing sometimes.

The Seamstress

In progress.

Indiana Jones


I'm done yelling now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slanty Mc Slant Butt

My studio is on a slant.
A rather large slant.
No problem, right?
Well...yes. When you work with water, which flows, and puddles of paint, it becomes a problem.
But I refuse to give up my windows and the kudzu jungle outside of them.
So today I neatly stack a pile of books under one end of my painting.
I squat down and pull out a level to measure.
And then I figure it's close enough to okay and stand up to work.

Just another quirk of this crazy old house.

I don't think I'd have it any other way.

Proteus Magazine

Really nice to get this email.
After I finish the four new pieces and update/fix the site, I'll jump on this submission.


I am the editor of Proteus Mag, an online art and design pdf publication. I really love your Share your tears series and I would like to feature some of your work in the next issue of Proteus Mag. I am currently accepting submissions for issue 5. Please take the time to check out the mag at and let me know if you would be interested in submitting some work. All of the submission details are listed below...


Many projects.
Not enough time.
Here are the SYT's I need to do today.
I'm also working on a piece for The Artisan series alongside them.

Intimate Shadows

Intimate Shadows
(to Sarah and Lisa)
By Will Whatley

When what made up unmade
lays freedom;

When no one

When disrobed,
en deshabaille,
allowing light

a certain play
a severe definition
an unintentional invitation

A bath drawn,
a day spent,
a glance out the window.

A Writing - no - Creativity Totem

Or, as I like to call it, my warrior hat.
My beautiful friend in Michigan sent me a flower crown that she made by her beautiful self.

Thank-you, my angel.
I love it.

Dog Tags

I know the history is a little more grim than the wearing.
I know it's to identify the wounded or dead.
But I also know the soldiers that wear their tags proudly, claiming their identity while they live.
And I can imagine it, too.
The clinking of metal as they run.
The coolness of it as it hits skin.
The tugging of it in times of insecurity, finding a bigger strength.
And so it is my friend Lisa gave me dog tags.
Oh, it was much more romantic than that.
It is a beautiful necklace, from a beautiful friend to a beautiful person.
But now they are my dog tags.
I feel them and I feel my identity.
I tug on them in moments of contemplation.
I smile as they clink when I walk.
And anybody who cares to read them when they see them will know my identity.
And at night when I feel that cool, cool metal on my skin, I smile.

I love my new necklace.
In fact I'm not sure how to take it off.

Maybe when I am wounded or dead.

Monday, May 12, 2008


A film maker in the UK who I really dig just got my book.
She said such beautiful things.
No, no...she made me feel like I should be working on this project.

What a glorious day.
I spy sparkles in everything.
It must be the coming sun.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

From TX to AL

My girl decided it was do or die so she jumped into a car in Texas at 12am and started driving, with another awesome friend, to Alabama.
When I woke I had missed calls on my cell and a text message saying she was going to visit.
I call her and she's already in Alabama.
9 hour drive near complete.

Best surprise ever.
We didn't sleep but for a forced-for-the-sake-of-driving hour.
We played.
We went to a cookout.
We got her tattooed.
We dyed our hair.
We pitched a tent inside the house.
We licked windows.
We sat and watched our favourite television show whilst sharing ice-cream.
We cried.
We laughed.
We hurt.
We healed.
A little.
We took photos.
Lots of photos.
We lay down.
We stood outside in a storm.
We danced by a fountain in the morning light.
And then, when it was time for them to hit the road, we cried again.
Or at least I did.

My darling Lisa.
And Alex.
I love you.
I miss you both.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tables Turned

It's hot and I want to be naked.
I'm not naked because I'm not sure who is coming to my house tonight and at what time.
Instead I am clad in t-shirt and jeans, hair - crimped from spending a day in braids - is pulled back into a pony tail. My feet assume their usual position....perched on top of the hard drive as the rest of my body sits on an antique barstool.
There is music playing.
It is storming outside.
I am thinking about many things.
I am thinking about racial politics. Blah. About how I wish to make The Wizard black because when I think of a Wizard I think of power and because I think many black men are stunning, visually, and so strong. But then I think about how many would say The Wizard isn't powerful but rather a con man. And I don't want to be the white woman who makes the con man black.
And I'm thinking about other stuff, like how I need to pee but I'm too comfortable to move.
And I keep licking my fingers to clean them but the 'dirt' is paint and felt-tip and it's not coming off.
That's okay.
I suppose I shouldn't try to lick dirt off anyway.
I'm thinking about how great the air smells right now. It smells like rain.
The thunder is roaring.
My head is hurting.
I'm thinking about how if I could shake the last of this illness, it would be time to dance again.
I'm also thinking about art.
I'm thinking about how I used to 'pretend' to work. How I would spend the day model hunting and making frames. Oh, it was real work alright. But it wasn't hard work. Long, boring, fidgety. But not hard work. So I would procrastinate by making frames and finding models. And I'm thinking about how today I was so upset because I had to make frames and model hunt. And I wanted to work. Really work. You know...paint hard. I'm thinking about how the tables have turned in my art world. In so many ways. And I'm thinking about how frustrating it is to have to stop work to find new inspirations, to build new foundations, when I just want to keep working and working and working.
Like running. You don't put on your shoes and jog a few blocks. You jog a few miles. And then you just want to keep on running.
It's like that now. I want to just keep on running. But I have to stop to tie my shoelaces.
Now I'm thinking about how I don't make sense to you.
And I'm wondering what song I am listening to because it is great.
And my head, it pounds.
And the world, it's roaring.
And I like it that way.
I wonder if I will have to cancel my morning workout if the rain keeps falling.
Oh, this air.
So fresh.
And me.
So tired.
I'm thinking about how I have work to do.
So much work.
And I couldn't find Uncle Henry or Aunty Em.
And I searched for hours.
And hours, I did.
And now I must move on.
Keep moving.
Keep working.
Just in another way.
So I had better go.
Did I mention it is hot?
I want to take my clothes off.
But I don't know who is coming over tonight.
I want to lay naked in the hot air under the cold, cold rain.
I want to catch cool on my tongue.


I am fighting *every* *single* *urge* to go snuggle with boy right now.
I have to get some work done.
I have to.

*scrunched up face*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cowardly Lion - Oz Series

'The Cowardly Lion'

A better shot of 'The Tin Man'

And all three of my (current) troops.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To The Artists

I think, when I'm done with Oz, I'd like to start painting about things that touch my heart.
I mean *really* invoke me.
Like the artists who mean something to me.
It will probably mean painting a lot of songs.
Not the musicians, but their songs.
Because music touches my heart the most I think.
And then it will probably mean painting the essence of paintings.
Like what my favourite pieces mean to me.
To paint the essence...I think it's achievable.
Screw achievable, it's exciting.
And then, of course, to move onto stories both spoken and written.

I want to honour the things that make my life beautiful.

I just...
I just think that's the right way to go about life.
I will pay tribute to the things that make me want to inhale.

Lion Drawing


I miss my man.
He's been so sick.
I'm so used to listening for every cough, every stir, so used to running in to see what he needs.
And he got up to go to work today.
And I miss him.
Even though he was always in the lounge, my studio is quiet without him.
I miss tip-toeing in to watch him sleep and kiss his forehead.
Feel his temperature.
Remove his mugs of tea, long since cold.
Looking at his beautiful face.

He's my monster.

I can't wait until he gets home and I can listen to him breathe again.
In the meantime I'm trying to work on the Cowardly Lion.
But maybe I'll just go and read for a bit instead.


The Sucker Man

I can't get a good shot of this sucker!
For the life of me!
He looks so much better in life.

*sits in corner and pouts*

New Show?



I saw some of your work in Auburn at the Gnu's Room. I'm an employee of Starbucks in *****, and every couple of months we invite a local artist--though, I wasn't able to find out if you are, in fact, local--to show their work in our store. We (the partners) want you to display your work in our store. This would be for a determined period of time, and whatever business you earn is your business--meaning: You keep what you sell. No housing fees, or whatever ;)

If you would like to get together and discuss the particulars before you make a decision, I would be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee.

Please consider.

Name & address.

I think it will be good for my Oz series, no?

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Tin Man

Is finished.
You can't see him because it's night and the flash interferes with the photo taking.
But I will try to take a photo before my run in the morning.

I am very tired.
And I have krylon fumes in my infected chest.
I think it is time to contemplate sleep soon.

Or something.
Or something.
Or something.

My Book Arrived


I'm really ridiculously happy with LuLu Press.
I'm going to look into their prints division.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I just noticed a *typo* in his name on the lyrics!

*busts out laughing*

Oh, dear.
*boing eyes*
Or should that be *boing eeys*

Yes, You Can

Yes, you can.
Yes, you can call me a rockstar.
No really, I don't mind!

Deadline for work: Less than a Saturday


Wake at 5.30. @ the park running by six. Home by 8.30am.
8.30 - 9.30. Wake boy, get him ready for work. Give him medicines and thermos after thermos of hot goodness.
9.30. Find the right picture to paint and find a premade canvas to paint on.
10.00. Drawing up work. Transferring work. Painting begins.
Self-set deadline. 3.30pm.
3.00. WORK COMPLETED and varnished.
3.30. Sides painted and varnished, lyrics added.

Enter rockstar status.


Rest of the day?
The wedding (absolutely beautiful, I nearly cried at so many things)
Home around 7 or 8pm.
Friends over at the house.
Boy cooks for all.
Dario Argento for all.
Stumble upstairs (after falling asleep on the couch) by 1am.
Today? Up at 5.30am.
Looking out the window for my workout partner.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh Yeah...

Do you have ANY IDEA how HARD they are to DRESS?!
*angry face*

But I bet I can please the ladies. ;)

Goodbye My Dear, Dear, Old Friend

That's right, my beloved Nike Free 5.0''s time we said goodbye.
You supported me for as long as you could but I just kept running away and wearing you thin. I took you on some hard journeys and ended up trampling on your sole. Is it always so bittersweet with love?
Now, with tears in my eyes, I realise how much I have hurt you. And it's time to move on. It will be best for both of us...I'm looking for something new and you, I can see, you need rest.

Actually...and please don't be mad...something has developed between your cousin and I. I didn't mean for it's just that not being able to have you anymore (dammit, nike distributors!) I looked for the next best thing. And this is she, Nike Reax. What can I have a good looking family.

I can only hope, Nike Free, that when I wear Reax's sole out too you will be glad I picked another to journey with in the end.

So, with sadness and excitement I end this.
Goodbye Nike Free 5.0s...and welcome, Nike REAX II.

Rock on.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May First

Happy May Day, everybody!
I hope you are all rejoicing in Spring and the births/rebirths of nature.
I thought today would be the perfect time to set some monthly goals/look at where I am.
Perhaps I say that because I am jovial and assessing your life when you are joyous is about the best time to do it.

w h e r e . I . a m .

Where I am! I have finally found a way to manage both exercise and art, and even a *little* bit of housework. Three things I - for the life of me - could never combine before. This pleases me greatly. I exercise a little less (but still more than the average being) I paint much more and about thrice a week I zip around the house and make it presentable. I am happy with this arrangement. For the most part my biggest saviour has been being online much much less. The internet has much less importance in my life now. This is good, this is good. Who has time for it when they are swamped and consumed by other beauties? So, prattle being prattled, what are my goals for this month?

g o a l s .

Complete new Share Your Tears (4 works in waiting) and update/correct my site.
Update my painting site with most recent work.
Finish the Oz series (which requires perhaps about 5 more paintings for it)
Research and try to incorporate at least ONE NEW WC technique this month...if I find none, experiment with my own.
Study drawing the human form, do drawing exercises at least an hour a day.
Study the old masters.
Try to research contemporary/new artists.
Be more generous to those around me.
Spend more time with friends.
Spend more time outside in the afternoons.
Spend more time rejoicing in the love of my life and our future plans.
Start strength training and body shaping.
Incorporate more of this glorious health-food stuff.

I say MMmmMMm like I'm supping on a delicious strawberry shake.
I think those are good goals for May.
I do.
It's hard work but it's beautiful work.
Like life, no? Hard but all the more beautiful for the hardships.

Anyway it is 5pm and I have to wash the sweat from my workout off.

More when I can.