Thursday, May 22, 2008

In The Space Of A Day

I'm in my new room!
*throws arms up into the air in joy*
I started and finished it yesterday.
I'm very happy with the space.
Boy came home and said 'yet AGAIN you have a cooler studio than me'.
But that's only because he won't let me go into his room and hang his guitars up!
This morning I am perched on my barstool, feet on hardrive, eating chocolate chips, listening to good tunes and inhaling incense.
Feels so good.
Aw, poop.
There is work to be done soon.
When I'm done dancing and twirling around in my new space. ;)

Happy Thursday Everybody!


(i love)...colours... said...

I want to come and sit in your studio and eat chocolate chips while breathing in sweet scents. :)

Lyvvie said...

I know how it is to wake up feeling glorious and full of fun then notices work is there reminding you it's needing done too. Like a big grue.

See-saw See-saw

Jump on the other end, I promise not to hop off and drop you on your butt.