Saturday, May 31, 2008

Inside The Car Wash

My lover and I took a midnight trip to the carwash to make-out.
Water pounding on windows, car rocking of it's own accord.
The lighting, multi-coloured, orgasmic and playing all over our bodies. A Kieslowski film.
Our mouths wide with grin because it's movie, because it's secret, because it's highschool, because it's us.
And then the giggles.
The inbetween giggles.
Hands folding into each other, falling off of each other.
And just looking at him, in that crazy carwash lighting, knowing that everything in that moment was who we claimed to be.
Colour and action and movement.
Two artists lost in a private second, a private universe.
Tucked away inside of ourselves.
Nothing but vibrating atoms.

1 comment:

...colours... said...

this is beautiful! It reminds me of a scene from Candy - have you seen that movie? It's Australian with Heath Ledge and Abby Cornish...except they're junkies... :(

But still - I love the idea of this! You're beautiful my love!