Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am far closer to being done on my fairytales than on my artisans.
I'm still rounding up models and concepts for my artisans.
I have all of my concepts for my fairytales and I have three near complete large works.
I think maybe, despite originally choosing otherwise, I will have the tales in Starbucks instead.

The Artisans don't need to be rushed.
And hey, maybe I can show them elsewhere soon enough anyway.

I know I'll be less likely to sell the tales due to their sizes and pricing.
But at least they'll be good to look at and I'll get my name out there.

And with the commission sale today I WON'T feel bad about getting the art supplies I'll need for new tale canvases! Hoorah! She lives to paint another day!

More to come.
Life is ridiculously full and flavoursome right now.
So busy.
Lots of brand spanking new friends I'm throughly enjoying at least 3 different nights a week.
And then spending time with family on weekends.
And my girlfriend in the morning.
And then let's not get into phone time of the friends who aren't close enough to hang out with.
All this on top of work, exercise and smooching my man.

I'm grasping at breath every spare minute.
I suppose grasping at breath equates gasping.
And a gasp is a beautiful thing.

On the count of three.



A gasp is a beautiful thing.

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Penny Pink said...

yay i love brand spanking new friends, i seem to have collated a new circle of friends of late - so fresh, so exciting, so much to learn....