Thursday, May 31, 2007

How Did You Celebrate?

How did you celebrate the Blue Moon?
I went outside at midnight to wish on it but I couldn't see any moon at all. So I wandered the streets wishing on lamp posts and dancing.

Please note, boys shirt and baggy skirt...tre chic. It was 12am so I figured nobody could see the indecent bag lady. ;)
What do *your* neighbours do while you're inside sleeping?



Click Here



I actually took photos of this work from beginning to end to show the making of it.
I may or may not resize them and share them.

Latest work:

Blue Moon Tonight.

So it should be a busy day for everyone!
You know all those things we say we do once in a blue moon?
Well, today is the day to do them.
It's a blue moon tonight.

My fellow lovelies in New Zealand will have to wait until July, though, for theirs.

For more information, click here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check This Out!

Women in Art.

This Is How I Feel.

This is how I feel, every day in my house.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Commission!

I have a new commission! Going to Australia! I am a tad worried about postage, I hate to charge lots but I figure Australia will be a lot. I have charged $50 for postage. If it is too less I will just suffer a loss. I don't think it will be too much as it costs me $30 to get to San Fran!

Anyway I'm excited to paint it and to send it!

Also I am working on a little surprise for someone who ordered something for me awhile ago and I never paid up. I hate when I fall through! So she gets something *extra* special as compensation for my bad behaviour.

ALSO I am currently working on a piece that inspired me. A photo from stock at Deviant Art which I just fell in love with. That is my major piece right now.

I figure if I can make enough money off commissions for a bit, then all of my side paintings can go towards a show. I'm going to get a collection of work together! To put in different galleries around here, Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham. I am much excited about this.

*nods head*

But busy, busy, busy.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Commission + 1

I didn't post these earlier in case the surprise was ruined.
A friend commissioned Kerouac and Whitman and I threw in Ginsberg as a treat.
She got them today!


A happy friend makes a happy artist. *grin*

Happy Memorial Day, All!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Bittersweet Wanderings

It's 4.30am. I've been walking the streets, barefooted, a skirt and a blanket as my clothing.

Okefenokee Swamp is on fire.
Okefenokee is in Georgia and it has been burning for three weeks.
Opelika and Auburn (in Alabama) are covered in smoke. Birmingham and Montgomery, too.
This location 5 hours away from us, even further from Montgomery.

It was very bittersweet, padding the street, just now. The birds were chirping and happy though the sun has not yet come up. And the fog...

I could write novels and poems about how mystical it was.
And sad.
It's so sad to think the land is on fire.
But I know without fires like this the swamp would die.
But is too much now. Even the officials know it is too much.

And the smoke....amazing.

Anyway I suppose I should get to bed soon. I have been up all night working.
Do you have any idea how many people are awake at this hour? I walked past many houses with lights and tellys on!

But again...I ought to think about sleeping.
I'm working on a commission and I want to polish it up tomorrow.

My love to all.
Think of me wandering the smoke laden streets, won't you?

It's...breathtaking. Literally.

(I may just take one more walk...before bedtime...)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Found an amazing...

Found an amazing model online.
She has *brilliant* poses.
Much excited.

If I start using her I'll totally give her a percentage of sale for any work she's in.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Iniciativa Colectiva Used My Stuff!


Iniciativa Colectiva USED MY STUFF!!!

But...oh no!
It looks like shit (online, at least!) because the images look funny next to each other. ***Edited to add*** checked again, it's only the last two pieces that look funny next to each other. It's pretty sweeet.

I'm happy!
I'm pissed!

I thought they'd resize.
My fault. I should have sent smaller images. I didn't realise.

I'm happy!

They used some share your tears paintings.

Page 76 of their zine!

Clicky Clicky

Oh, it's good...right?

ALSO...this site emailed me today...Clicky Clicky asking me if they could link me! And they did! A wooo wooo.

It's an up and down month alright.

I guess I'm stoked about things....yes?


Things can only get better, and these things were great in theory! *grin*


My site is working.
If it doesn't work for you just refresh your browser.



Well I updated/reworked the site but now the lightbox (image portfolio) isn't working how it is supposed to.


But it's 3am and my head is smashing and I have other things to do.

So I'll just have to worry about that later, no?

I still owe blog updates.

Meh, neh, beh!


Maybe tomorrow.
(it echoes!)

Check out the site.
The front page is pretty now. *grin*

Monday, May 21, 2007

The South and Beauty.

People find a lot of reasons to hate the South.
I have 3 things to say about that.

1) Personally, I think, people find a lot of reasons to hate anywhere.
2) Those that hate the South most seem to be the people who are insecure about themselves, where they came from and where they are going.
3) Personally, I think, people should look for reasons to love everywhere.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Many Things.

I have many things to write here.
And many new images to post.
5 images I have yet to put in my blog, in fact.
I painted a new work last week.
Yesterday/this morning I finished 3 new works.
And *just now* I finished another.

I have things to say on where I am with my art.
How I feel.
What I see.
What I want.

But it's after 4am.
The second night I've gone to bed after 4.
And the second morning I'll have to be up early.

Tomorrow I am heading out of town.
I'll get back in the evening but I have a function to go to.

I'll try to update tomorrow night but chances are I'll crash.

Next week, perhaps.

I have much to share and tell.
But for now, toothpaste and scattered sleep.

With love,

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I think I'm going to go back to being my own model again.
It's just easier to strike the poses I need rather than to hunt for them online for a few hours.

When I lack inspiration for a composition maybe I'll use other models.

But when I know what I want I should just pose and shoot.

*nods head*

I miss Red.
Red, are you reading?

You Know It.

Ain't nothing so bad singing into a hairbrush won't fix it.


I've been caught in the moody blues for three days. Not cool. Time to open the blinds and face the angry mob with pitchforks (that would be the left side of my brain)

This evening I look up models online and tonight I start new work.

Then some exercise.

Then some laughing and love already.

*shakes fist at self*

*gets moving*

Friday, May 11, 2007


Just finished an instense workout. Sitting now in my studio, small cotton dress, hair up in a bun, ceiling fan breezing the air all around me. Portishead on my stereo. Painting.

It's all so beautiful.

At 1.18am.

No way to describe 1.18am.

My body and the air the same temperature.
Everything cancelled out.
In the womb again, with music.

Very zen.
Very zen.
Very beautiful, calming, peaceful zen.

At 1.18am.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

8 x 10

One of boy's students builds houses. To get into the house you have to go through the front porch, which I often have littered with saws and masonite and 1x. So this lovely student offers boy 'tell your wife if she ever needs anything cut, just let me know the dimensions and I'll cut some wood for her'

The only trouble I had with that was that I never really know the size I want to paint until I know what painting I want to paint. So my dimensions change all the time.

But I just thought...I'm looking to transfer all the SYTs paintings to box frames. Which will involve sprucing them up, varnishing them and mounting them. Anyway, they are all 8x10. So I can say to the lovely man 'any 8x10 pieces would be brilliant, thanks!' And, should he pull through, I can bake him some cookies. And, should he pull through in abundance, I shall paint him a thank-you painting.

It's very exciting. I love when people are kind and generous. It makes the world spin around.

But HEY. Is it 7pm ALREADY? *looks at watch*

Damn, I'm off to make a spinach and cheese quiche.
Diet be damned!
*cranks up Dylan and heads to the kitchen*

I'm Pulling My Vagina.

I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I just wanted to end the sentence there. *wicked grin*

It should really read "I'm Pulling My Vagina Paintings Out" And so I am. You know the ones....the ones that I liked but everyone just kinda went 'ooohhh, vagina' at.

I care not!
I'm decorating my studio in them.
So be it if studio visitors are shocked.
I don't have the time for that.
I LIKED those paintings.
I will NOT be putting sale stars over their neither regions either when people come over to play! (another beautiful sentence right there)

Now....*scratches head*....they were kinda big....they can't be hiding too many places....

*wanders off to find them*

Bring on the vagina room!
Actually....bring on the room.
I think I'm going to switch everything up and make pretty.

It's Not Sticky Because It's Summer.

I sat in epoxy.
I did!
I did!
Three cheers for Bozo!

I must say...I would much prefer it was premixed epoxy and I just glued a plastic slab to my butt rather than dealing with the unmixed goop that followed.

*nods head*

Tired Equation.

I want to paint nudes.
That's all I want to do.
And I don't because I'm tired of shocking people.

That's stifling.
And I should just paint nudes.
But I'm equally stifled by being misunderstood.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

I have blog readers!
When it's not 4.30am in the morn, I shall investigate them! *grin*

Cherry Blossom,
Watercolour on boxed masonite.

I gotta go call my mum.
And then I gotta go to bed.

Friday, May 4, 2007

A Gift & New Paint.

I painted a 24x24 on masonite for my friends who just bought a house. It was a housewarming present. I painted my friend and her daughter together. They loved it. Hoorah.

And then I went into the art store and bought A NEW TUBE OF PAINT! *dies with excitement*

I got Opera Rose and it's beautiful.

Is it not ridiculous that buying a new tube of paint can make me grin like a loon?

In a minute here I'll be ordering some stuff online with a gift certificate...that'll make me grin like a loon too, I suspect.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Deep In The Night

It's hot. The Alabamian heat. I spend my days in a dress that doesn't fit properly. It's nothing but cotton, the top half too low exposing too much, the bottom half of the dress poofing out from the ribs, not the waist. Hips from the ribcage. White shoulders, messy hair. An odd collection of self. Headphones. The cord is long. I wrap myself in it and unravel myself again. Floating. Bending. Stretching. Reaching. Finding. I withdraw a little from this world and enter back into my own. Inhaling my skin, absorbing my reach.

The music washes over me. The only connection to anything out of this orb. Beautiful. Something amazing. My friend Mary's voice. Like an Angel. Singing to her mother. Singing to herself. Singing to the boundaries of her own orb. Will we bump in the night? But we have. We have transferred through each others orb once while not looking. The echo of her voice in my ears as I twirl, perhaps her feet now dancing in wet paint. Travelling through space. Orbitting. Getting closer to Jupiter. Smiling in the safety of it. Just travelling through time on our own. The destination made similiar by the love of it.

Sometimes I don't want to come down.

Such mundane things, such as sleeping.
Such as life.

Sleep ought to be more rewarding if you dream while you're awake.
Oughtn't it?

I don't want to go to bed tonight.
It's too beautiful in this womb.
I'm going to stay inside my painting until dawn.


Today is peaceful but I am very tired.
I think I need to eat some more...I shall pop a veggie dog on the stove when I am through here.

I had much to write yesterday about the beauty of things. The beautiful ache of muscles after an intense workout, sun streaming through both water and shower curtain, clean smooth skin, soap bubbles, ceiling fan air kissing the body as it crossed naked between rooms. Many things. But I got distracted. And busy.

I painted up five boards yesterday. 3 for commission, 1 for me (which may turn into a sale, I'm painting a really cute looking chika) and a big 24x24 which I decided today to turn into a gift.

So I'm currently drawing up compositions on the large box.

I've been using a Gesso spray which I've never tried before, before I apply the AG. It's nice and easy, I like it. Much better than mucking with brushes when I shall be mucking with them anyway.

There's no way to capture the peace in here.
Or the lethargy.
So I think I shall go sit in the breeze on the porch swing whilst eating a veggie dog, submerging in it all.

Hopefully I'll also get this gift finished today.

We shall see.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day! May Day!

It's atrociously hot down here (up here).
I have been sawing wood on the front porch while the birds sung and the ants devoured a dead bee.
I held up a long piece of 1x and danced around it in bare feet.
My beautiful May Pole.
I laughed and swished my skirt.

Today I am working on three commissions and emailing a buyer about some others.
Rufus Wainwright trills from the speakers.
Honey suckle dances up my nose.

'Waterpistol Wednesday' was a hard one to paint because I do not think I put down enough AG. It didn't absorb well. Distress. I must make sure to apply extra coats to the boxes I am building today.

And...paper. Do I miss paper? Did I sell out on paper?
I tell myself I did not sell out because I simply found a medium I preferred better. But when I read Watercolour Magazines and see only 'Watercolour on paper' I wonder if I left the paper arena too early.
I loved it so. It wasn't inconsistent.
But I love the presentation of the boxed boards much better.

Also today I am picking a Share Your Tears painting to turn into a t-shirt.
I am much excited.
I shall wear them everywhere!
And so should you!

I will let you know when they are up for sale.
Support the arts!
And help me buy enough water to make it through the summer!


I'm off to drill, glue, nail and sand.