Wednesday, May 9, 2007

8 x 10

One of boy's students builds houses. To get into the house you have to go through the front porch, which I often have littered with saws and masonite and 1x. So this lovely student offers boy 'tell your wife if she ever needs anything cut, just let me know the dimensions and I'll cut some wood for her'

The only trouble I had with that was that I never really know the size I want to paint until I know what painting I want to paint. So my dimensions change all the time.

But I just thought...I'm looking to transfer all the SYTs paintings to box frames. Which will involve sprucing them up, varnishing them and mounting them. Anyway, they are all 8x10. So I can say to the lovely man 'any 8x10 pieces would be brilliant, thanks!' And, should he pull through, I can bake him some cookies. And, should he pull through in abundance, I shall paint him a thank-you painting.

It's very exciting. I love when people are kind and generous. It makes the world spin around.

But HEY. Is it 7pm ALREADY? *looks at watch*

Damn, I'm off to make a spinach and cheese quiche.
Diet be damned!
*cranks up Dylan and heads to the kitchen*


Sherazade96 said...

Hooray for kind and generous people!
I'm sure you are actually doing HIM a favor by taking his extra wood. That's less than he has to throw away and pay (by the pound) to take to the dump.

Lyvvie said...

I must be ovulating because "I'm sure you are actually doing HIM a favor by taking his extra wood." made me snortgiggle in a naughty way. A room full of vaginas and taking his extra wood?! I'm dying over here!! The google bombs are gone wild!

Sherazade96 said...

OMG that's so funny I snorted food out my nose! Thanks Lyvvie!!! :-)