Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Commission!

I have a new commission! Going to Australia! I am a tad worried about postage, I hate to charge lots but I figure Australia will be a lot. I have charged $50 for postage. If it is too less I will just suffer a loss. I don't think it will be too much as it costs me $30 to get to San Fran!

Anyway I'm excited to paint it and to send it!

Also I am working on a little surprise for someone who ordered something for me awhile ago and I never paid up. I hate when I fall through! So she gets something *extra* special as compensation for my bad behaviour.

ALSO I am currently working on a piece that inspired me. A photo from stock at Deviant Art which I just fell in love with. That is my major piece right now.

I figure if I can make enough money off commissions for a bit, then all of my side paintings can go towards a show. I'm going to get a collection of work together! To put in different galleries around here, Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham. I am much excited about this.

*nods head*

But busy, busy, busy.


Sherazade96 said...

An exhibition ala Sarah would be a gauranteed sold-out show. You'd rock the house down. I can't wait for the day when you put together a serious exhibit. It'll be the day your career takes flight.

Louise said...

Good for YOU!