Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day! May Day!

It's atrociously hot down here (up here).
I have been sawing wood on the front porch while the birds sung and the ants devoured a dead bee.
I held up a long piece of 1x and danced around it in bare feet.
My beautiful May Pole.
I laughed and swished my skirt.

Today I am working on three commissions and emailing a buyer about some others.
Rufus Wainwright trills from the speakers.
Honey suckle dances up my nose.

'Waterpistol Wednesday' was a hard one to paint because I do not think I put down enough AG. It didn't absorb well. Distress. I must make sure to apply extra coats to the boxes I am building today.

And...paper. Do I miss paper? Did I sell out on paper?
I tell myself I did not sell out because I simply found a medium I preferred better. But when I read Watercolour Magazines and see only 'Watercolour on paper' I wonder if I left the paper arena too early.
I loved it so. It wasn't inconsistent.
But I love the presentation of the boxed boards much better.

Also today I am picking a Share Your Tears painting to turn into a t-shirt.
I am much excited.
I shall wear them everywhere!
And so should you!

I will let you know when they are up for sale.
Support the arts!
And help me buy enough water to make it through the summer!


I'm off to drill, glue, nail and sand.


Lyvvie said...

I simply adore you, you know. I just do.

Thorne said...

I love the sound of breaking glass. Came by via... umm... maybe livvie?