Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hair Studio

A hair studio in town is very much into showing local art.
I didn't know until one of the hairdressers contacted me about showing.


I hope we do end up doing something in the future.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proteus Mag

I am in Proteus Magazine!
The PDF is available for the public to download on August 3rd.
The owner sneakily sent out previews to contributors, though!
I think I dig that guy a lot!


It's why I've been so absent.
I've been not wanting to say anything until my siblings know but GOLLY GEE my siblings are too hold to get hold of.
So, now that eldest sister knows, and I've emailed the others, I'm going ahead and writing it.

Boy and I are expecting!
For more baby news, go here:


More arty/lifey news ASAP.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hmmm. News.

I haven't been updating because I've been mad busy with other things.
News on that TOMORROW! ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I secured Starbucks for the Christmas season.
I will paint loads of affordable, funky art and possibly sell something.
Give the gift of art at Christmas!

We're Baaaaaaaack.

I transferred my posts back to this blog.
I all of my post comments.
But this will workout better than Wordpress.
Wordpress is a positive/negative for me.

*gnashes teeth*

Right now I'm trying to make it so anyone can comment here, not just gmail/google users.

Oh, and I'm eating a cookie.
Nom Nom Nom.

Why, But Of Course It Is


is an anagram of my name.
Of course, my wallet and soul knew that a long time ago.

My friend posted this link:
Go squizz at the kazillion things your name comes up with.

Latest SYT's

In From The Ocean

So I just took a bubble bath in a whipping storm.
I know, I know, of all people the girl who was struck by lightning in the tub should know better, right?
Ohhhhh, but you don't understand the warmth of it.
The deliciousness.
Our bathroom is out on a ledge. Part of the house tacked on as an afterthought.
Propped up from the ground on a large pair of stilts.
At night when it is dark and stormy, and the bathroom is lit up brightly, it's like I'm bobbing out at sea in the most glorious way.
Being up so high gives a type of buoyancy.
The wind screams past outside and somehow in this fragile, collapsible room I am more safe than ever.
A streetlight in the distance is another boat, braving the storm.
And I float and I gasp and I sink under.
Towards the end I turn the taps on hard and sink under the water.
Everything crashing and pounding and tearing at my body.
The thunder and vibrations taking over all.
And then to come back up, blistering hot, and feel the chill rapping on the windows, the wind trying to find a way in...
it's just beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder if all God sees when he looks at the world is beauty.
I find it so hard not to see beauty.
In everything.
And often I feel like someone is there sharing it with me in the exact same magical way.
And I think it must be God.
And I think we must be friends.

You know I firmly believe that the end of the world is near?
That within the next 20 years there will be nothing left?
Or at least a raging world war, more devastating than any other, leading to the end.

And you know...I find beauty in that, too.
I'm so excited for life even in the darkest of times.

It starts with less than a bubble bath.
It starts with the birth of a thought.

Atom crash.
Actually I don't know where it begins.


I am having some major issues with the site.
Please bear with me as I work on it (and go insane)

Hemingway's Cat

I was staring vacantly at the wall, as you do, when suddenly the painting my eyes were resting on came into focus.
In an acrylic I painted about 4 years ago, the woman has six toes on one foot!
I never noticed before.

*busts out laughing*

It has brightened my already bright day considerably.


I got a new SYT's submission today with a beautiful sentence attached to it.
It's why I made a new canvas tonight.
This evening I go to bed inspired, marveling at the beauty of people.
It's a wonderful way to fall asleep.

**edited to add**

So inspired I redid the entire SYT's site last night.
Which has led to a rather groggy morning indeed.

Shhhh, Okay?

I'm going to get in so much trouble.
I accidentally used spray paint in the house.
Boy is going to be so maaaaaaaad at me!
But you see I really had no choice.
If I sprayed out on the front porch the night zombies would have gotten me and eaten my brains.
Not just a braincell or two but my entire whopping load of marbled painter BRAINS.
Surely it's much better that Krylon just nibbled on a couple of cells, yes?
I absolutely agree.
So really, in all things care-about-Sarah, I did boy a marvellous big favour!
And should be rewarded with sparkly kisses.

Latest Work - Scorpions

Thanks Jared!


Made some flyers to put up around town.

Experimenting With Gold Leaf

It actually didn't turn out how I expected at all but I am excited to use it again in the future.
It'll be one of those materials you can't just add on but ought to factor in (even though I vaguely, mentally factored it in from the get go).
I'd love to figure out how to use it for my Cohen series.

Play Wrestling

Boy and I just play-wrestled nekkid on the couch for a good twenty minutes.
I laughed so hard I cried.
He didn't seem to understand that the more he pinched my nose the more I couldn't breathe and the more I couldn't breathe the more funny I found it.
I couldn't stop laughing.
I had whooping cough as a kid.
It was a lot like that.
No, really.
Only there were tears of laughter rolling down my face as I whooped and hollared and gasped and squeaked and damn near nearly died.
And I got tea-bagged.
But I won in the end as boy took off to his room.
*raises arms in victory*

We're spending our first day off in weeks in style, man. In style.

Because Vomit

The nursery is finished.
We are back from Gadsden.
I have been awake for 39 hours.
I got home at 6.05am from the gig and left the house at 6.15am for work.

JoJo vomited all over my paintbrushes.

Now I go fall asleep and drool on my husband's chest, yes?
Fix the balance of all things sleep & body leakage.

*gurgle spit gurgle*

Hodge Podge 3

Okay, okay, okay.

It doesn't have to be the 'Hodge Podge Resort'.
The name can be some dank, dark, sour, sophisticated, wet, intelligent, obscure reference to something large and beautiful that will make philosophers weep.


Hodge Podge 2

Not so far fetched to convert storage houses into guest housing.

Get rid of the flower boxes, paint amazing murals on each.
Affordable units so there is enough money left to make the insides of them awesome, also.
Different themes for each unit.
Yes, yes, a 'vampire' house for my man.
Have a larger building close to them all with bathrooms, lounge, dining and kitchen equipment.

Hodge Podge Resort

Small-big daydreams this morning.
Of a healing resort.
A creativity resort.
A mix of art and spendor, smish-smash.
The Hodge-Podge Resort.

Brennen in charge of music.
Me in charge of art.
Jared and Amanda in charge of writing.
Will in charge of drama.
Lisa in charge of counselling.
Amanda in charge of yoga.

Maybe our own huge vegetable garden.
Ridiculously fun home quarters for the workers (us) and ridiculously funky guest quarters for the guests.
Shack-Up Inn style.

Nikki & Ross in charge of film if their feet didn't itch.

Just an amazing, beautiful community for the world-over to escape to.

And I like saying it, too....
'Welcome to Hodge-Podge, let's get dirty'

*contented sigh*

Dreams are free.
Reality, unfortunately, gets expensive.
Still, I'm putting this nowhere near the impossible box.


I need to change my web page.
It's not very professional to have my blog as the cover of my site.
It was for convenience at first but if there is a way to shuffle it over a few pages, I will be happy.

Heh Heh Heh

Put it in your pocket and think about it.
Poop out a window.

Brennen Reece

Brennen Reece working in his studio (Creepy Blue House Recordings), July 14th, 2008.

For more information check out


Finding the Green Fairy.


Boy is recording a new album.
Right now.
As I type.

I love him so much I can barely breathe.
So let his music be my air.


Art, beauty, life.
The pinnacle.
Stuck at peaking.

Is that enough to explain my absence?

It is where I am.


The regeneration has begun.
I am not okay.

*bursts into tears*

1000 Blank Cards

Tonight boy and I played '1000 Blank Cards'
For those who don't know the game you take a set amount of blank index cards and 1) write a title 2) draw a picture 3) write an instruction.

Kind of like this:

Anyway one of the cards boy made (which ended up in my hand) was this:

I tried really hard not to play it because I knew I couldn't burp and boy would be stuck in Pirateville all evening.
Well, sure enough, it came to be the last card so I threw it down.
After about five minutes of awesome pirate speak I say 'honey, I would burp if I could but I can't, so unless you can......'
My pirate says 'damn, arrrrrrh, wella guess I deed it to meeself'
After I bust out laughing he looks at me with a mixture of amusement and despair.
He grabs a pen and creates this...

I grin and play it for a kiss. ;)

Stupid Beautiful Sam Flax

Why beautiful? Because it is a new art supply store to play at in Atlanta.
Why stupid? Because I got in trouble with a grouchy old goat before I even got in the door. I almost walked away completely.
But that is a story for another day.

The story for today is....

I found an exciting new WC paper! Well, actually, boy found it and called me over. We ooohed and aaaaahed. Yupo is meant to be an excellent, excellent brand and boy excitedly showed me this pad in the store:

The reason it is so exciting is that it's DEAD FLAT.
Flatter than flat.
Smoother than pastry.
Oh, beautiful!
More polished than marble.
More slick than my skin after a run in the Alabama heat.
(yeah, I could go on forever)
And I get to play on it because I bought some! KNOW I'm a wood fan...but I couldn't resist the excitement of trying this fesmelt (felt and smelt, I can make up words) ridiculousy great.
Rock on.

Also, I got two new interesting colours which I can't wait to play with!
The two that excite me are Cobalt Torquoise and Cobalt Violet.
I can't wait until I have the time to crack them open and experiment.

ALSO of great importance and noting is the leafing.
I bought gold and silver leafing which I am going to try and incorporate into some works.
I simply cannot wait to see until how it works/pans out.
I see the most beautiful visions inside my head.

I spent money I really didn't have but I spent it on items that just....
Heighten my heartbeat.
I can go without food for that.

I will post updates, of course, of the new toys after I've played with them.

Busy Bo Busy - Update/s

Sorry I haven't been updating, crazy-mad-busy here.
I am doing a bunch of things and I have a bunch more to do. *blowfish face*
Currently I am helping a friend with a big interior design project which is really interesting and fun.
It means I am a little behind in my own work though.

Things I have to do:

Finish my veil piece! (drawn up for a week now, need to complete)
Put my portfolio together and drop it off at Red June.
Make a double copy and drop it off in Auburn.
Check out the new gallery/tattoo shop in town.
Cut up boards for my new series (my new series leaves me breathless, btw)
Start composing works.
Alter my website.
Create the new 'dark' site.
Post a couple of blog posts.

I'll have to work these in around my friends project but it's doable.

And I ought to do the dishes...

Lah lah hum.

The Life Of An Artist

We had people over for the Fourth Of July which resulted in a clean kitchen becoming an absolute mess.
Boy has this policy that 'artists don't do housework therefore don't need to worry about it' (he's the BEST partner ever) but this morning I looked around and realised I didn't even have a bowl for my cereal.

Creation or dishes?
Creation or dishes?

I thought about what the artist in me would say, and more importantly what the artist in Brennen would say.

I grabbed a loaf pan and a chinese spoon.

Best breakfast ever.


Beautiful of beautiful oh, of beautifuls!
Our Tom Waits concert is tonight.
Boy and I are both very, very excited.
I imagine the trip up there will be all squirm, giggle and magic.
It's 9am.
We'll leave town around 2pm.
That gives me five hours to try and be normal on a non-normal day.
i n t e r e s t i n g .
I'll try to go for a run to burn up some of this jingle-jangle excitement.

Waits on the 'true confessions' page.
Q: What’s heaven for you?
A: Me and my wife on Rte. 66 with a pot of coffee, a cheap guitar, pawnshop tape recorder in a Motel 6, and a car that runs good parked right by the door.

Er. If THAT isn't me and boy, I don't know what is.

Check out more Waits here:

And just shout out for Glitter & Doom in general.

Press conference.

And lastly, a song.

If there is anything more ridiculous and grand than all of the above, then I don't know what it is.

Wish us luck, life and fun!



But I lasted a *really* long time with natural shades.
I did!
Months and months and MONTHS!

Which is....bizarre and AMAZING for me.

You shouldn't roll your eyes, in fact.
You should give me reward candy instead.

The Devil made me do it.
Besides, in a few months I can go back to 'natural'...should need be.
In fact when my hair is below my shoulders I'll go natural shades. Until then I can play!


Beginning of a new work.

My Painting Came To Life

I'm not kidding.
This wasn't arranged.
I was sitting in the lounge transferring a drawing with carbon paper when I noticed a flickering from the corner of my eye.
I looked at the couch (which held the house commission) and the sun rays on the painting had come to life.

Isn't life magical sometimes?

Of *all* the places for a sliver of light to land and flicker.

Happy Third Of July

That's right.
It's a two day affair here in the 'twin cities'.
Here are fireworks from the third....with our feet on top of the jeep (where we sat and watched).
There is perhaps too much chitter chatter (apologies!)
And the main show I didn't film because I put the camera down to snuggle with Brennen.
But still...

And it's not even November 5th!

Nom Nom Nom

I've placed some Spring Onion Twist Rolls in the top of the rice cooker to steam as a side for dinner.
I'm mad curious to see how they turn out.
So curious if I think about them cooking, I giggle.


Until the Tom Waits concert!!!

(you have no idea how unbelievably awesome this is...I'm excited for so many reasons)

Ohhh, Err, Pretty House Painting

*strokes screen*

Midnight Strolls

Midnight strolls around our neighbourhood.

My fountain.

My lover.

Our Street.

By the depot.

Abandoned buildings.

This ghost town is so amazing I can barely speak.
The things we could create here.
The world that we will make.
Until we all good men do.


After about 30 minutes of sitting perched at my computer on my barstool, clad in workout clothes, I notice the clock and blearily call my workout partner.
This time it was she who gasped and sputtered 'I slept through my alarm today!'. After some tired-morning giggles we both wonder what is up with the universe of late. We used to be religious about our workouts. Heck, we used to workout more often than we peed. What gives?
We make vague plans to walk this afternoon instead, which is torturous in the Alabama heat.
I stretch, yawn, and make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth at *which* point I actually read the toothpaste I've had for months.

"Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentially swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Center right away."

And we use this stuff?!
Not only that but I splashed this sucker all over my Bowie CD?
Do I have to take Bowie to Poison Control now?

I swear toothpaste wasn't a hazardous material when we were kids.
I'm not making that up...Right?!

Share The Love

Written by Leonard. Sung by Rufus. All about Janis.
That's like...triple orgasm, right there.

What Sort Of Creature Was That?

I thought it was a GIGANTIC roach, on his back, little arms flailing for help.
Right there in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I debated leaving it for the cats to get (the cats chase away any insects) but I just couldn't stop staring at those little legs, waving out grab onto.
So I got a mug and a slip of paper and picked him up.
I have NO IDEA what sort of creature it was.
It was not a roach!
It was the size of my little finger only fatter.
He had HUGE pincers on the front.
And he looked like something out of the Dark Crystal...or, you know, something that would attach itself to Donna Noble's back.
I popped him out on the front porch and quickly shut the door (I was naked as naked could be)
Anyway I hope he is okay wherever he is now.
I didn't see him hobble off.
And I hope he didn't get hurt on the kitchen floor...we mopped yesterday.
Imagine a mouthful of chlorine.

At The Park

My workout partner and I were meant to go running this morning but I slept through my alarm.
That *never* happens to me.
I called my friend (who did drive to my house and honk the horn, which I slept through also) and she said that she didn't go running without me but instead went home, because...
She had a dream last night that we were jogging at the park and at a particular point in the track she and I got really bad vibes. We looked at each other and freaked out and started jogging back to the car. Ick!

A higher power at work?
I think so.

Awwwww, thanks God! For creepy dreams and faulty alarm clocks.

Oh, Guys!

I am ridiculously pleased to say that after years of not writing I am writing again.
*goofy grin*

More soon.
It's been a busy, crazy, orgasmic weekend.


New Site, New Blog

I spent all of today working on transferring my artist site over to wordpress.
I suppose it had to happen because when Amanda and Brennen mentioned it I said 'oh, no, I won't do that'.
If I had said 'yes, let's do it!' I would still be at the old site.
Today I transferred files, rewrote titles and prices, organised my work more thoroughly, designed a header and figured out how to use wordpress.
Hours and hours of typing on this beautiful, stormy day.

Now I can update my site and my blog from any computer connected to the internet...I will not need to use Dreamweaver or any other software application....this is it!

So I hope it works out.

*enters site*
*pulls up a chair*
*puts feet up*
*looks around*

I think this will do for now.
I'm digging the new crib. *grin*

Love and sparkles,