Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hodge Podge Resort

Small-big daydreams this morning.
Of a healing resort.
A creativity resort.
A mix of art and spendor, smish-smash.
The Hodge-Podge Resort.

Brennen in charge of music.
Me in charge of art.
Jared and Amanda in charge of writing.
Will in charge of drama.
Lisa in charge of counselling.
Amanda in charge of yoga.

Maybe our own huge vegetable garden.
Ridiculously fun home quarters for the workers (us) and ridiculously funky guest quarters for the guests.
Shack-Up Inn style.

Nikki & Ross in charge of film if their feet didn't itch.

Just an amazing, beautiful community for the world-over to escape to.

And I like saying it, too....
'Welcome to Hodge-Podge, let's get dirty'

*contented sigh*

Dreams are free.
Reality, unfortunately, gets expensive.
Still, I'm putting this nowhere near the impossible box.

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