Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Sort Of Creature Was That?

I thought it was a GIGANTIC roach, on his back, little arms flailing for help.
Right there in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I debated leaving it for the cats to get (the cats chase away any insects) but I just couldn't stop staring at those little legs, waving out grab onto.
So I got a mug and a slip of paper and picked him up.
I have NO IDEA what sort of creature it was.
It was not a roach!
It was the size of my little finger only fatter.
He had HUGE pincers on the front.
And he looked like something out of the Dark Crystal...or, you know, something that would attach itself to Donna Noble's back.
I popped him out on the front porch and quickly shut the door (I was naked as naked could be)
Anyway I hope he is okay wherever he is now.
I didn't see him hobble off.
And I hope he didn't get hurt on the kitchen floor...we mopped yesterday.
Imagine a mouthful of chlorine.

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