Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Site, New Blog

I spent all of today working on transferring my artist site over to wordpress.
I suppose it had to happen because when Amanda and Brennen mentioned it I said 'oh, no, I won't do that'.
If I had said 'yes, let's do it!' I would still be at the old site.
Today I transferred files, rewrote titles and prices, organised my work more thoroughly, designed a header and figured out how to use wordpress.
Hours and hours of typing on this beautiful, stormy day.

Now I can update my site and my blog from any computer connected to the internet...I will not need to use Dreamweaver or any other software application....this is it!

So I hope it works out.

*enters site*
*pulls up a chair*
*puts feet up*
*looks around*

I think this will do for now.
I'm digging the new crib. *grin*

Love and sparkles,

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