Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Bo Busy - Update/s

Sorry I haven't been updating, crazy-mad-busy here.
I am doing a bunch of things and I have a bunch more to do. *blowfish face*
Currently I am helping a friend with a big interior design project which is really interesting and fun.
It means I am a little behind in my own work though.

Things I have to do:

Finish my veil piece! (drawn up for a week now, need to complete)
Put my portfolio together and drop it off at Red June.
Make a double copy and drop it off in Auburn.
Check out the new gallery/tattoo shop in town.
Cut up boards for my new series (my new series leaves me breathless, btw)
Start composing works.
Alter my website.
Create the new 'dark' site.
Post a couple of blog posts.

I'll have to work these in around my friends project but it's doable.

And I ought to do the dishes...

Lah lah hum.

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