Sunday, July 27, 2008

1000 Blank Cards

Tonight boy and I played '1000 Blank Cards'
For those who don't know the game you take a set amount of blank index cards and 1) write a title 2) draw a picture 3) write an instruction.

Kind of like this:

Anyway one of the cards boy made (which ended up in my hand) was this:

I tried really hard not to play it because I knew I couldn't burp and boy would be stuck in Pirateville all evening.
Well, sure enough, it came to be the last card so I threw it down.
After about five minutes of awesome pirate speak I say 'honey, I would burp if I could but I can't, so unless you can......'
My pirate says 'damn, arrrrrrh, wella guess I deed it to meeself'
After I bust out laughing he looks at me with a mixture of amusement and despair.
He grabs a pen and creates this...

I grin and play it for a kiss. ;)

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