Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Painting.

I painted this today, of an online friend.

Tomorrow I hope to do a Share Your Tears and work on a couple of commissions.
I am slowly getting back on track, after the move.


Tomorrow I also want to muck around with some online art accounts I have been neglecting.

*nods head*

My love to all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Flickering Light.

5 pm is magic hour here. You know what magic hour is....that time of day where the sunlight becomes yellow and reflects off everything so beautifully. Every building, every pebble, every piece of skin.

I hop into a bubble bath, body temperature, curtains wide open, under the flickering sunlight. Everything is beautiful. The branches and greenery outside. The birds in the trees, the patches of blue sky, the flickering of it all.

Sadly I feel a little...like a waste of space. I have lots to do that I haven't done yet and there is no one to blame but myself. I sit in luxurious beauty and it seems to highlight my flaws. I feel like a burden.

I know the feeling will pass, as it does, but it's exhausting all the same.

I hear people out in the street, in the distance, yammering their yammer. Men building things. People on the way to the post office. People going about their lives. I remember working a 9-5. I remember the team I worked for, the things I did. Toward the end my job was just ridiculous but before that, *before* that...I remember working like other people work. I remember a steady paycheck. I remember the security that only comes from clocking in and clocking out. How *easy* it is to be that person. And how much more...respect...you get for being that person. No matter what the position, if you clock in and out you get more respect than working on your own terms. Unless, of course, you're a self made millionaire.

I don't know why I'm so behind in my work and why I'm stressing out. I can pin it on the move but the move is now over. I can pin it on going away this weekend and not having time to start anything, but there was time. There was time this morning, in this morning that I dawdled away.


And so I get to lay in a beautiful bubble bath in a beautiful world and feel like a waste of space.

Again, I know I can get over this. I know I can work harder. I know that I will.
It's just....
It's just....

Sometimes it's easier to clean toilets and bring home the dollars than to stay home and figure your hours. And I doubt anybody who isn't in this position will ever *get* that. I don't think they'll ever get the extra burden of not only relying on yourself but beating yourself up. The extra burden of being your own responsibility. Where your uniform is completely your own skin and nothing else.

That's it.
My uniform is my own skin.
And even when my skin is crawling, I must not take it off.

And even now, writing, I feel a spoiled brat.
I guess because so many people tell me how lucky I am. And I *am* lucky, very. I'm so blessed to be in the position where I can stay at home and work on my art.
It's just...
It's just that *also* they don't know how lucky *they are* too.
And if I ever tried to explain it...

It just wouldn't fly.

I don't even know where I'm going with this.

I don't even know if I should post this.

It's just...
the flickering light was beautiful today.
That was all I meant to write.

I bungled that as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Share Your Tears.

I got a new Share Your Tears submission today!

It is *so beautiful* I simply cannot wait to paint it!

I shall draw it up tonight and hopefully paint it tomorrow.

New Work.

Currently unfinished.

Going Home.

Ron Mueck - Australian Sculptor

My friend Heather sent me some amazing links to an Australian sculptor named Ron Mueck.

Click Here to Check Him Out.

And here!

Blogger is being weird.






Strawberry Whoppers.

I have been dropping strawberry whoppers down the stairs. Just to see how high they bounce and how far they roll. It's deliciously fun. The idea was actually inspired by a dream I had where a burglar was standing at the bottom of the stairs and I was above the stairwell, looking over. I started laughing and dropping whoppers on his head.

Those, apparently, are my survival skills.

At any rate it's a gorgeously fun morning. I am drifting from room to room in a sarong I have tied around my neck. I run up the stairs, I run down. I sit at the top and grin.

I love this new house.

So much.
I think it's the best place I have ever lived.
The mojo here is . a m a z i n g .

I suppose I ought to get back to painting.

*heads towards the stairs with a grin*

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Because It's Where I Am.

I am procrastinating on my work today.
The first chance I've had to paint in weeks and I procrastinate!
I think it's because this work...
this work is very much where I am.
So if I paint it...
well, that's where I'll be.

*scratches head*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hazy ArtTo-Do List.

Send out three completed commissions on MONDAY.
Draw up two works TONIGHT.
Finish moving into studio over the NEXT THREE DAYS.
Update HUMBLE VOICE over the next week.
Revamp my myspace to make it myARTspace over the next week.
Update my WEBSITE over the next week.
Update DEVIANT ART over the next week.
Update (and become more active) in MYARTPLOT over the next week.
Organise ONLINE MARKETING (next two weeks)
Research galleries in Birmingham, Montgomery and Atlanta (over the next two weeks)

PAINT TWO WORKS I DRAW UP....tonight, tomorrow and Thursday.

For now that is enough.

From Riches to Rags.

I was sitting at a country club having a birthday lunch with somebody when my landlord called to say somebody was coming to see the old house. I had tried to go and work on it yesterday but the door was locked. So instead I ended up going from the country club to the old place with time enough only to grab some cleaning supplies.

Why is this interesting, you say?

Well, it's beautiful more than interesting.
I think any woman in a pretty dress, with glamourous hair and make-up, scrubbing ovens and benches and floors is beautiful. No?
As beautiful as a big, buff man drinking hot tea out of a dainty cup.
It's just gorgeous.

I was much impressed with the imagery of self today.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to mop the floors.
We do what we can, no?

I hope to be all moved in properly, with no further obligations, very soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New House & Studio.

The new house is fabulous.
It is seriously the BEST place I have ever lived in.
It's just...gorgeous.
Big and heavy but so airy and light.
Windows in every room and out every window *such* greenery.
Everybody loves it but nobody as much as I.

My studio is above the telephone wires outside. I sit at my desk and look down upon the tree leaves, at the lizards and birds we don't even know we walk under. I sit up there, one of the Gods, removed and smug and happy.

i am high above the tree line
sitting cross legged on the ground
when all of the forbidden fruit has fallen and rotted
that's when i'm gonna come down
-Ani Difranco

And it is easy to create a fantasy world when I am living in the clouds.
I swear to it.

You will see some new works very very soon.
Or at least I will.
And perhaps you will too.
At any rate new works are slowly puffing up as I breathe life into them.
Wood is creaking and splintering as the lungs grow.
Hearts are forming and starting to beat under gessoed layers.
Soon the walls will be pulsating and whispering, anxiously awaiting their new dance partners.

Such joy and such beauty.
Up here in the trees.
My very own tree house, made out of crayons.

A ship set out to sea.


Frames are falling from the sky!

Pre-made, delicious, good wood FRAMES are falling from the sky!

The fell *somehow* from *somewhere* and ended up on the side of the road, next to the house of someone I know. So they called me (late at night, when I was passed out from paint fumes and looking ever so graceful with mussed hair and broken dress) and said "Come! CooooOOOoOOoOOoommmmeeeeEEEE HERE! Frames for you!"

So I stumbled off the couch and went.
I saw.
I conquered.

I'm very happy.
There are eighteen in total.
Do you have *any* idea how much time and money that saves me?!
Now I can just cut masonite to size and epoxy the slabs to these frames.

Maybe I will use them all for my show.

Oh, I am much pleased!

For photos of the frames, please click here.

Rock on, boys and girls!
Good spirits are in the air.

Photos and Grumbles.

Photoshop is being a butt.
That's my grumble!

I have some photos up at a different site, which apparently I cannot post photos from without directly linking them.
That's my other grumble!

However, if you would like to see some photos I took today, please click here.

Another Time.

"Another time Johnson rented a helicopter and dropped sixty foot-long hot dogs over Riker's Island, sending the bill to his unsuspecting dealer, Richard Feigen. Johnson explained that he had been tracing peoples feet, which brought to his mind foot-long hot dogs, as if that explained anything."

(Ray Johnson, also the man who - when a collage of his was haggled down to 3/4s of the price - cut 1/4 out of his collage and sent the remainder to the buyer)

I Broke My Dress.

I'm afraid I'm not very good at wearing dresses.

Today I broke my dress jumping on the couch. I landed funny and the strap popped right off. The silly thing is the straps on this dress were too large for me. So if anything were to snap you would not expect it to be them.

Still. It was the strap extension that popped. Now, should I sew it down, the dress will fit perfectly!

*They* do say that God works in mysterious ways.
*I* do say that jumping on your couch keeps the earth spinning around right.

*nods head and jumps*

(eta: I am now using the dress extension for a bookmark...works better than expected)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Studio Pack Up Day.

I am shifting house. From a good place to an amazing place. I was okay shifting the upstairs and I think I'll be okay shifting most things but today I have to pack up my studio and it's making me sad!

I think it's because I really made this room my own. But also because I learnt to do so many things in this place. I progressed really far and mastered new techniques. And now I Have to pack it all up!

The new studio will be great too.

I will post photos once I am all moved in.

Wish me luck!


Sunday, July 1, 2007


...and giggle.

Boy's Birthday Paintings.

I wasn't sure if they were done or not.
I've been so unsettled with them.
But I was tired of hiding them so I did the big 'unveiling'.

And you know what?


*spins around in circle*
*falls over*

Photos soon.

p.s: (I also got him a t-shirt and a bass guitar...I was an un-pie-crust wife this year....HOORAH!)

Shyed Away.

I always shyed away from painting fantasty art. I guess because the term is so broad and I end up thinking of the most horrific book covers, for both science fiction and romance. A scantily clad woman with ample bossom and not much else. An over-muscled man fighting some sort of dragon.

But...when you get down to the *beauty* of it, there is some fantasy art that is much removed and very beautiful. Like the works detailing fairytales or mythology.

There is a fine line between awful and beautiful when it comes to fantasy art (in my opinion, at least).

But...I decided today that if I am to paint the world I want to live in (and I'd like to attempt that) then it is *indeed* a fantasy world that will be painted. And I will just have to find a way to create beautiful works, as opposed to gaudy fiction novel covers.

So tonight I am starting my first piece.
Mostly because my heart is in it.
And now because I have written about it.

*leaves to ready her canvas*