Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shyed Away.

I always shyed away from painting fantasty art. I guess because the term is so broad and I end up thinking of the most horrific book covers, for both science fiction and romance. A scantily clad woman with ample bossom and not much else. An over-muscled man fighting some sort of dragon.

But...when you get down to the *beauty* of it, there is some fantasy art that is much removed and very beautiful. Like the works detailing fairytales or mythology.

There is a fine line between awful and beautiful when it comes to fantasy art (in my opinion, at least).

But...I decided today that if I am to paint the world I want to live in (and I'd like to attempt that) then it is *indeed* a fantasy world that will be painted. And I will just have to find a way to create beautiful works, as opposed to gaudy fiction novel covers.

So tonight I am starting my first piece.
Mostly because my heart is in it.
And now because I have written about it.

*leaves to ready her canvas*

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