Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From Riches to Rags.

I was sitting at a country club having a birthday lunch with somebody when my landlord called to say somebody was coming to see the old house. I had tried to go and work on it yesterday but the door was locked. So instead I ended up going from the country club to the old place with time enough only to grab some cleaning supplies.

Why is this interesting, you say?

Well, it's beautiful more than interesting.
I think any woman in a pretty dress, with glamourous hair and make-up, scrubbing ovens and benches and floors is beautiful. No?
As beautiful as a big, buff man drinking hot tea out of a dainty cup.
It's just gorgeous.

I was much impressed with the imagery of self today.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to mop the floors.
We do what we can, no?

I hope to be all moved in properly, with no further obligations, very soon.

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