Monday, July 16, 2007

New House & Studio.

The new house is fabulous.
It is seriously the BEST place I have ever lived in.
It's just...gorgeous.
Big and heavy but so airy and light.
Windows in every room and out every window *such* greenery.
Everybody loves it but nobody as much as I.

My studio is above the telephone wires outside. I sit at my desk and look down upon the tree leaves, at the lizards and birds we don't even know we walk under. I sit up there, one of the Gods, removed and smug and happy.

i am high above the tree line
sitting cross legged on the ground
when all of the forbidden fruit has fallen and rotted
that's when i'm gonna come down
-Ani Difranco

And it is easy to create a fantasy world when I am living in the clouds.
I swear to it.

You will see some new works very very soon.
Or at least I will.
And perhaps you will too.
At any rate new works are slowly puffing up as I breathe life into them.
Wood is creaking and splintering as the lungs grow.
Hearts are forming and starting to beat under gessoed layers.
Soon the walls will be pulsating and whispering, anxiously awaiting their new dance partners.

Such joy and such beauty.
Up here in the trees.
My very own tree house, made out of crayons.

A ship set out to sea.

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