Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mister Lennon


I COULD have been dry-humping one of these today:

But noooooooooooooooooooo!
Wait...I can still get the boy though....he came home.
*high fives the moon*


Soft skin.
Hot winds.
Quiet movies.
Cross legged.
Clean hair.
Transfer paper.
Two heartbeats.

DragonCon Dropout

I was supposed to be going to DragonCon today.
I was super excited about it.
It's a HUGE science fiction convention where people dress up in all *kinds* of costumes.
There are fantasy writers and gamers and artists.
Boy has been looking forward to it for forever.
I was thinking about painting the TARDIS on my shirt.
But alas...somebody who was riding with us got sick right beforehand and I really can't risk being in the car with him.

Sadness and poo.

So as soon as I pull myself out of my boo-hoo funk, I guess I'll find something else to do with my Sunday.

*looks at clock*
*twiddles fingers*

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Geniuses

My uncle sent through photos of art my brother and I did in 1982.
I was 2.
I think his point was that mine lacked structure...but I dunno...look at that use of colour!



Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Is on it's way.

We're expecting very severe weather including storms and tornados.

I'm excited for me but very worried for the people who will be hit badly.

Keep a watch on the weather.

Help Me!

I'm looking for recognizable, not-obscure, musical artists with a message of peace.

Thus far I have:

John Lennon
Cat Stevens
Bob Marley
Louie Armstrong
Ben Harper

Please help add to the list!
I'm drawing blanks

(you know how it is...ask yourself to spell the most simple word and you'll stammer)


A newly made friend of ours has always had a dream to have his own improvisation company (think 'Whose Line Is It Anyway')
And he's talking to Brennen about being the creative director!

I am PEE MY PANTS excited about it if it comes to fruition.

What an awesome fun life.

Breath Of Fresh Air

Feeling inspired.
And happy.
And goofy.
And stupid.
Started off dancing nekkid in the kitchen.
That's the best way to start *any* day.
Then I jumped all over boy in bed to wake him up and rolled around like a dragon.

Contemplating works for both the Ardistry show and the Starbucks show.

Hope this good feeling lasts.
*huge grin*

Will keep you posted on ideas...

I'm thinking popular musicans for Starbucks, quick portraits at cheap prices.
And I'm still vague on the ardistry show...have some water works planned and some nature works also...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Le Sigh

I am having a hard time composing this morn.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Funniest thing EVER!

One of my sisters sent me this.
Australians trying to do the New Zealand accent.
I fell off my seat and busted my butt laughing.



Saturday, August 23, 2008

1000 Metres

It felt so good. I need to be writing. I need to be under the water spout in a storm, overflowing, overflowed, soaked right through. I need to be reading erotica and shaking in horror at the lies you told. I need to be switching rings on fingers and fingers on ribs, rips, torn and soiled and sad and sold. Down the grass hill in a white cotton dress, skidding on cardboard, my knees to the moon, six year old crotch praising Jupiter. And your cousins face up there, your brother, your wife, all shooting waterpistols from the night.
Dear God I need to breathe again. Lopsided looping through storm ridden streets, your colours faded and washed as I pound them into puddles. And under bridges where the trolls are dark I'd take a bright red lipstick and write on your walls. If you could see through yourself to listen.
I need to be swimming under a deep dark log that falls on my head, steers my corpse, leads me living to the underside.
And couldn't you breathe more if your gloves were mud.
But really cool, cool, fresh.
This is what I need.
Under my skirt and under my shirt and through every kiss of you we drink.
Maybe if it snows this winter I'll find a missing tooth.
And you can keep it in the very depths of you, your lying cowardly heart.
Tie it in the bootie you keep around your neck.
Your anchor, the weight that ripped out your tongue.
Tie it to the loss of me because you knew only lies.
And then forget you and back to the cool, cool deep.
Where the mountains fly and the rivers have wings.
Where everything is a circle that we don't try to catch.
Under the deep blue deep.
Where nausea has no gravity and flies above our heads.
Where my fingers dip into places you used to long to be.
Where cotton hangs above us a shelter from the world.
Me and me and never with you.
Because beauty is found without you.
1000 metres and deeper.

Thursday, August 21, 2008



Oh No, Missed Out!

Oh dear!
I'm afraid on my mother's last day here I completely piked and fell asleep at 6.30pm.
I missed not only the NZ meal she made, but other company that came over to say goodbye to her.
I fell very awful about it...I just felt really ill come the early evening and somehow a helpful nap turned into an entire nights sleep.


Bad daughter.

Now mum is on a plane on her way home.
We had a really good visit.
I had a blast, despite fatigue, and I hope she did too.
She managed to get four paintings done, I only got one done!
But we were both pleased with our work.

Now I have to get used to an empty house...
Boy has gone into work so I have girl music playing and I'm doing some work (an Australian commission)

I will get used to it just being me again but it may take a day!
There's no one to put the kettle on for!

I hope mum is having an awesome flight...

More later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mum found her missing earring in her bra.
What a funny place to keep it.


Mum! Mum! Mum!

Ha ha!
I tricked her into thinking I was taking a photo!
But really, nae!
Zee video.


So cute!

My mother loads the dishwasher upside down and backwards!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Mum Is Coming!

My mum is coming!
My mum is coming!
I haven't seen her in over three and a half years!
My mother is an artist, too.
We both have to paint for upcoming shows during her visit but our styles are so tremendously different....exciting!

I am going to get her to try while she is here:

Absorbent Ground
Yuppo Paper

And hopefully she can teach me a few tricks or two to use in my art!
We pick her up on Thursday.
Which means I have one day to tidy.
Unsquee! (giggle)

She will stay for one week and it will go ENTIRELY too soon and I shall miss her when she is gone.

More later!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Door June

I'm hanging some stuff there this evening.
My New Years resolution was to have 2 local shows this year, after not showing previously.
I've thus far had two solo shows, am about to hang at Red Door, and I have two more shows booked at different venues, one in October and one in November.

That will be 6 months out of this year my work has been hanging in public spaces.

Happy times, to find places for my art in this little town.

Next year I'll aim for Atlanta, Birmingham or Montgomery.


I have to move my ENTIRE website back.
Wordpress hasn't let me see my site for a week now.
Error messages.
It's not the same for everyone but I've had others mention it.
What's the point of having my cards out if my site doesn't load?

I'm exhausted and pissed about this.
I wonder if I can't find a web-designer to trade work with.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do I Do It?

Do I do it though?
Do I bother?

It's on netflix instant viewing:

When virtuous high school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) becomes the victim of a sexual assault, she discovers that she has an unexpected line of defense: a toothed vagina. But for Dawn, coming to terms with the power and dangers of her anatomical anomaly may be easier said than done. Director Mitchell Lichtenstein's provocative feminist horror flick also stars John Hensley, Hale Appleman and Josh Pais.

Purely because there is a mens group at my house right now and I'm locked in my studio, I'm tempted..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Photos Of The Montauk Monster

Just make me really sad.


I wish people would leave it alone.

The Haunting

I took an unintentional leave from painting.
I've pretty much been lost to the world this week, couch-ridden, nauseated, exhausted.
But the paintings in my mind haven't stopped.
And the plans I had planned haven't stopped.
I want to paint so badly if I could just find the energy.
I have wood sawed and waiting.
I have frames to be made.
But more so I have beautiful women swimming in my head, crying out to be one step closer to man.
I'm hoping against hope to get some extra energy this week and to start on several pieces.
More so to finish some beautiful ones.

But even if I can't make it, the haunting of these sirens is beautiful on it's own.
Perhaps the less I paint the more they scream and the more they scream the more real they become.

Maybe by the time I paint them they'll be such horrific, beautiful nightmares they can't be denied.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Art Opening

Went to an art opening last night to check out the scene and space.
I confirmed showing there in October.
Now I'm trying to plan a new series for it...


Pick up paintings from Starbucks today.
Super happy about that.

Happy to see them again!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carrot Flower!

I bring you carrot flower.