Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Door June

I'm hanging some stuff there this evening.
My New Years resolution was to have 2 local shows this year, after not showing previously.
I've thus far had two solo shows, am about to hang at Red Door, and I have two more shows booked at different venues, one in October and one in November.

That will be 6 months out of this year my work has been hanging in public spaces.

Happy times, to find places for my art in this little town.

Next year I'll aim for Atlanta, Birmingham or Montgomery.


Shopgirl said...

Good luck! you're doing so well already!

How is the baby going? Any news or exciting ultrasound photos where you have to squint and drink absynthe to actually see the baby? ;) *giggle*


Anonymous said...

omg thats so freakin awesome

i am so proud of you



Soni said...

I told you about the venue we did in Mobile when we opened for Alice on my b-day, right...

they have a space set aside for local artists