Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Mum Is Coming!

My mum is coming!
My mum is coming!
I haven't seen her in over three and a half years!
My mother is an artist, too.
We both have to paint for upcoming shows during her visit but our styles are so tremendously different....exciting!

I am going to get her to try while she is here:

Absorbent Ground
Yuppo Paper

And hopefully she can teach me a few tricks or two to use in my art!
We pick her up on Thursday.
Which means I have one day to tidy.
Unsquee! (giggle)

She will stay for one week and it will go ENTIRELY too soon and I shall miss her when she is gone.

More later!


Shopgirl said...

awh how exciting! You guys will have a great time and paint up a storm I'm sure! :)


Shorty said...


Mom is an artist too?

If i make you Bento will you teach me...art? :)

Penny said...

awwwww - i LOVE mums! soak it up and have fun xx

Hope said...


I changed the painting I was using for your link on my site...if you get a chance, go see if it's looking okay with you :)

Lyvvie said...

I hope you're both having tons of fun. Soon To be Mum and Grandma!