Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Haunting

I took an unintentional leave from painting.
I've pretty much been lost to the world this week, couch-ridden, nauseated, exhausted.
But the paintings in my mind haven't stopped.
And the plans I had planned haven't stopped.
I want to paint so badly if I could just find the energy.
I have wood sawed and waiting.
I have frames to be made.
But more so I have beautiful women swimming in my head, crying out to be one step closer to man.
I'm hoping against hope to get some extra energy this week and to start on several pieces.
More so to finish some beautiful ones.

But even if I can't make it, the haunting of these sirens is beautiful on it's own.
Perhaps the less I paint the more they scream and the more they scream the more real they become.

Maybe by the time I paint them they'll be such horrific, beautiful nightmares they can't be denied.


Lyvvie said...

I remember the exhaustion, it's awful. It gets better after week 20. Where are you now?

Heather said...

For me second trimester to about 30 weeks was the best. You know me though, I would have had 50 if I wouldn't have started so late and been with who I am/was.

Anyway, I've started sketching my tribute painting. I've got it in my head. I'm now only hoping I can paint what I see in my brain.

You know I'll be ringing soon. Remember the selzer in saltines!