Saturday, February 28, 2009


When I wake tomorrow (today), there should be snow!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can't Keep A Bad Man Down.

Forced to take a break in home renovations until next paycheck, I managed to escape into the studio today.

First time painting since....NOVEMBER!??!?!

It feels soooooooo good.
You can't keep a bad man down. ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bedroom Renovations

Brennen finished the flooring yesterday!
Again, home renovations are currently taking place of my other art...
This won't be forever, though!

Baseboard and painted trims still to come.
As is renovation on the half-bath.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Murder Ballads

Yesterday morning as I was dreamily waking (in the perfect sunbeam) from a somewhat decent nights sleep, Brennen sits bolt upright in bed.
He declares "I have to get up and write a murder ballad".
About an hour or two later he gets back into bed for snuggles and when I eventually roll out I find lyrics - to a wonderful murder ballad - on my computer screen.


Reason #5980 why I love him.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Maybe Through The Summer!

So my donation sold immediately.
At full price, not at silent auction.
A week BEFORE the benefit.


And it looks like, with t-shirt sales, the store MAY stay open through the summer! (cross fingers)

I'm so excited and contemplating if there is anything else I can give to them.
Tina (one of the owners) says people are being so generous and it's really humbling to them.

I think it's so beautiful.

Go-go-gadget people!

The Gnu's Room

Today I am going down to donate some art to The Gnu's Room.
I had an email requesting any donation of art I could make (for a silent auction) as they could no longer afford to keep the doors open.
I am devastated!
I can't remember how long The Gnu's Room has been here, but it seems like forever.
And it's a beautiful, *beautiful* place.
Second-hand bookstore/coffee-shop (not that the coffee is second-hand) with a BEAUTIFUL vibe and lots of people.
They have an art wall to support local artists, they have readings by different authors each month, and they also have open-mike poetry night.

I'm so SO sad if they close the doors.

They are having a benefit concert/party on the 28th of this month.
I'm hoping it is in an effort to raise money and stay open but I fear it is instead to just gain lost money back...and the doors will still be shut.

Due to the fact I've been working on home renovations, I haven't much to offer them.

But I am going to donate my Janis Joplin record painting and the John Lennon one.
Even if they just fetch a little...some money is better than no money.

Please wish The Gnu's Room luck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Studio Progress

I'm going to dig my new room, methinks!
Can't wait to help boy work on his.
Though, of course, his will be minus the butterflies. ;)

Please Help Brennen!

Please help Brennen start recording again!
He currently can't make any music with the machine that we have.
He has been unable to produce anything since his laptop was stolen on November 7th.

If you are interested in helping and want to know how, please go here.

We appreciate anything anyone can offer!

Love & Sparkles,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Fall

'The Fall' is a very beautiful movie.

The Fall.

And Of Course...

And of course, with the sunniest room in the house comes...

da da da DUM....


B wanted me to have this room because it has the best lighting.
I wonder if he'll change his mind now all his kitties are vegging out in there!

Studio Progress

*bursts into tears*

Most of my stuff is in storage! All my art magazines, my knick-knacks, my pretties! I only have a few boxes here, so perhaps my room won't get done today afterall. Boy will be will mean more time to work on the bedroom.

So the room used to have orange shag carpet and mint green walls. We ripped up the carpet (eventually we'll put down a wood flooring) and I painted the walls Acorn Squash. aka, YELLOW! The colour of insanity, I've been told.

Here are some photos.
The pink blotches in the first photo are where I speckled holes in the wall.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wall Colour

My lover and I went to Home Depot last night to pick wall colour for my studio.
I'm *so* excited!
Last night I hussled all of the desks into the center of the room and threw old sheets over them.
This morning I remove nails, speckle and sand.
Then this afternoon - with any luck - I PAINT!!!!

New studio here we come....

I am tremendously excited.

*jumps up and down*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Digits

As artists we fight over our fingers.
Especially while moving house.

"I'll take're a musician....I don't want you to hurt your hands!"
"No, *I'll* take're an artist....I don't want you to hurt your hands."
"Careful, baby!"
"Hey, CAREFUL, baby!"

And so forth, and so forth.

We had a really funky mirror in a really funky frame.
Boy wanted to chuck it out because it was a hassle to move, I wanted to keep it because it looked groovy.

But then I thought of the glass.
And our fingers.

And said "yes, you can toss it, baby"
His eyes widened in surprise.
It's not normally so easy to sway me.

his digits are too important.
And so are mine.

And into the trash pile it went. *grin*

Why can't they make mirrors out of styrofoam, hmmm?



(my new work will not be involving people, except for some wrap-ups)