Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Digits

As artists we fight over our fingers.
Especially while moving house.

"I'll take're a musician....I don't want you to hurt your hands!"
"No, *I'll* take're an artist....I don't want you to hurt your hands."
"Careful, baby!"
"Hey, CAREFUL, baby!"

And so forth, and so forth.

We had a really funky mirror in a really funky frame.
Boy wanted to chuck it out because it was a hassle to move, I wanted to keep it because it looked groovy.

But then I thought of the glass.
And our fingers.

And said "yes, you can toss it, baby"
His eyes widened in surprise.
It's not normally so easy to sway me.

his digits are too important.
And so are mine.

And into the trash pile it went. *grin*

Why can't they make mirrors out of styrofoam, hmmm?


Soni said...

i used to hear that a lot.. .careful with your hands, they're magic...

so, what was the first thing i did last Saturday morning? Stapled my ring finger, down to the bone.

It still hurts when I touch anything!

Brennen Reece said...

I did that once, with an M2 nailer through a sheet of plywood. I used a hammer to disconnect myself, then washed it thoroughly with Gojo and wrapped it with duct tape.

I think of the things I used to do with power tools, and remember that you only get so many chances. That's why I'm so careful these days.

Hope said...

*turns green*

Sarah love, I came in to tell you how adorable you and B both are, but now I must go be queasy over bone-stapling, finger-nailing, and duct-tape bindings...

*staggers out*