Friday, February 20, 2009

Maybe Through The Summer!

So my donation sold immediately.
At full price, not at silent auction.
A week BEFORE the benefit.


And it looks like, with t-shirt sales, the store MAY stay open through the summer! (cross fingers)

I'm so excited and contemplating if there is anything else I can give to them.
Tina (one of the owners) says people are being so generous and it's really humbling to them.

I think it's so beautiful.

Go-go-gadget people!


Soni said...

methinks you didn't charge enough...

Kay said...

I suggest...give them one of your really good big pieces (that is, any your mother didn't steal on her last trip), make it auction only with a high reserve, and see what happens!

And have plenty of business cards around... it's our year, methinks!