Friday, February 20, 2009

The Gnu's Room

Today I am going down to donate some art to The Gnu's Room.
I had an email requesting any donation of art I could make (for a silent auction) as they could no longer afford to keep the doors open.
I am devastated!
I can't remember how long The Gnu's Room has been here, but it seems like forever.
And it's a beautiful, *beautiful* place.
Second-hand bookstore/coffee-shop (not that the coffee is second-hand) with a BEAUTIFUL vibe and lots of people.
They have an art wall to support local artists, they have readings by different authors each month, and they also have open-mike poetry night.

I'm so SO sad if they close the doors.

They are having a benefit concert/party on the 28th of this month.
I'm hoping it is in an effort to raise money and stay open but I fear it is instead to just gain lost money back...and the doors will still be shut.

Due to the fact I've been working on home renovations, I haven't much to offer them.

But I am going to donate my Janis Joplin record painting and the John Lennon one.
Even if they just fetch a little...some money is better than no money.

Please wish The Gnu's Room luck!

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