Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Forecast for tomorrow:

"Abundant sunshine."

The phrase made me smile.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Inspired today.
A thousand ideas and notions swimming in my head.
Sitting cross-legged on the computer chair, listening to good music.
Just finished chatting to a good friend on chat about his manuscripts, excited to read one of his novels and look for publishers.
Earlier, yesterday, sorted out the 'art room' a little. A place for both Brennen and I to create until his studio is sorted, at which point the art room will become my solo studio.
Inspired by things in society but more so inspired by the idea of my son, and by creating ideas and projects *around* him.
Inspired by the weather which is AMAZING for the middle of winter.
Did I mention I was sitting cross-legged in a summer dress?
Yes, open the windows and smell the is a day adrift on a raft or under the forest trees.
Inspired by the music I listen to.
Inspired by the smell of potential, not bitter, not sweet, just...earthy.

Despite all of the work to do.

Inspired, inspired, inspired.

Life is very beautiful today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, Crap

According to my mothers blog, Andrew Wyeth died today.
She says he was allowed to because he was 91.
I say he should have asked first.

For those who don't know Wyeth (and his father) were AMAZING artists.

I really love Andrew's work.

Christina's World - Andrew Wyeth

His pieces always had such a sense of isolation to them, which I really loved.

RIP, Old Man.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Lover, My Hero

Boy came home from work!
With our mandolin!
And he FIXED IT.
He made it sooooooo much easier to play!
He sanded the bridge down an eighth of an inch and put on new strings.
And Josh threw in a pretty plate for it.
I love it.
It's SO MUCH EASIER to practice on now.

My lover, my hero.


This boy is silly fast!

On Art

I haven't been painting.
I have no studio space and really no where to paint.
I'm really eager to slide mandolin into my painting time, at the moment.
And secretly, for a *very* drained body (which is moi), the clean up on a mandolin session is MUCH easier.
*high fives the moon*

So the little one I'm learning on is a tough one to learn on, Brennen says.
He says it's because it's a 'piece of crap'.
He doesn't want me to get discouraged and give up because of the instrument.

He found me a FABULOUS deal, though, on one that would normally retail around $800-$1000, which comes with tuner and hard case....for only $350.

Sooooo, my lovely art friends, any suggestions on how one would come up with a quick $350?

*boing eyes*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

30 Second Bunnies

I love the 30 Second Bunny episodes.
They make me very happy.
If you haven't seen them before, you can catch a lot of them on youtube. ;)

Tinker Tinker


(sorry about the photosize, I don't know why the blog resize quit working)

Monday, January 12, 2009


I just had my first mandolin lesson!
With my wicked husband.
And we didn't even fight!!!
All that happened was I fell even *more* in love with the joker.

Who knew?!??!

We played Folsom Prison Blues. ;)

I am excited to play some more but for now I must help him with home renovations instead....

*runs off, ecstatic*

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The wind is ferocious right now.
Very 'dance of the passionate Gods'.
That's not what I really want to call it, but I'm being polite for the sake of my blog readers.
I'd really label it something much more fierce, erotic and crass.
It was pretty severe last night, too.
We've been having some great storms.
Despite the fact I'm in the process of moving, I adore it so.
It's nature at it's finest.
It takes all I have in me not to run out like a mad woman, sliding on the slippery leaves and turning my face up towards the storm.
Maybe when I don't have to be so cautious with my body, the 'dancers' shall come again.
And then...well....we shall 'dance' together.
Over and over again.
Wouldn't that be quite delicious?
Yes, yes.
For now I'm off to listen to the Gods bellow.
So nice this early in the morn.

New Years Resolutions!

My friend Louise reminded me that I hadn't posted these online, yet.
I scribbled them into my journal on New Years Eve.
I had five.
Let's see if I can remember them off the top of my head!
(and resolutions are very exciting for me because I seem to achieve at least 80% of them each year. Hollar!)

1. Run a Half Marathon
2. Discover and excel at a new artistic medium
3. Plant a luscious herb garden
4. Map out the backyard and get started on a MASSIVE veggie garden
5. Leave the country

Those were them, alright!
I feel like there should be more.
But five was what I had so five is what I shall stick to.
If I conquer three out of five before the half-year, I may make some additional goals for June onwards. ;)

Growing Home

That's right.
After SIX YEARS without them, I have discovered a place where I may be able to buy Feijoa trees.
Annnnnnnnnnd I have discovered they grow in a 'Zone 10' and a 'Zone 8' in America.
Annnnnnnnnnd Ala-FREAKING-bama is a ZONE EIGHT! (here I pee my panties)

With any luck, when the seller is back from holiday, I can acquire a couple of Feijoa Trees.

And then I can plant them in my new back yard.
And then NOT ONLY will I have the most delicious fruit ON ZEE PLANET outside my windows, but I will be the only one in the area with them!

I am seriously contemplating acquiring a passionfruit vine, too.

If my backyard can pull this off, 2009 is going to be rocking.

*high fives the moon*