Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Art

I haven't been painting.
I have no studio space and really no where to paint.
I'm really eager to slide mandolin into my painting time, at the moment.
And secretly, for a *very* drained body (which is moi), the clean up on a mandolin session is MUCH easier.
*high fives the moon*

So the little one I'm learning on is a tough one to learn on, Brennen says.
He says it's because it's a 'piece of crap'.
He doesn't want me to get discouraged and give up because of the instrument.

He found me a FABULOUS deal, though, on one that would normally retail around $800-$1000, which comes with tuner and hard case....for only $350.

Sooooo, my lovely art friends, any suggestions on how one would come up with a quick $350?

*boing eyes*

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