Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Inspired today.
A thousand ideas and notions swimming in my head.
Sitting cross-legged on the computer chair, listening to good music.
Just finished chatting to a good friend on chat about his manuscripts, excited to read one of his novels and look for publishers.
Earlier, yesterday, sorted out the 'art room' a little. A place for both Brennen and I to create until his studio is sorted, at which point the art room will become my solo studio.
Inspired by things in society but more so inspired by the idea of my son, and by creating ideas and projects *around* him.
Inspired by the weather which is AMAZING for the middle of winter.
Did I mention I was sitting cross-legged in a summer dress?
Yes, open the windows and smell the air...today is a day adrift on a raft or under the forest trees.
Inspired by the music I listen to.
Inspired by the smell of potential, not bitter, not sweet, just...earthy.

Despite all of the work to do.

Inspired, inspired, inspired.

Life is very beautiful today.


Kay said...

smiles and sunshine :-)

Niki said...

I love that feeling and I love that you're feeling it!!!!