Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Growing Home

That's right.
After SIX YEARS without them, I have discovered a place where I may be able to buy Feijoa trees.
Annnnnnnnnnd I have discovered they grow in a 'Zone 10' and a 'Zone 8' in America.
Annnnnnnnnnd Ala-FREAKING-bama is a ZONE EIGHT! (here I pee my panties)

With any luck, when the seller is back from holiday, I can acquire a couple of Feijoa Trees.

And then I can plant them in my new back yard.
And then NOT ONLY will I have the most delicious fruit ON ZEE PLANET outside my windows, but I will be the only one in the area with them!

I am seriously contemplating acquiring a passionfruit vine, too.

If my backyard can pull this off, 2009 is going to be rocking.

*high fives the moon*


Louise said...

Aww, now you'll never come back :(

Sarah said...

Ironically, my love, the shit has just hit the fan in America and I may be home within two weeks.
*boing eyes*

Soni said...

huh? what? call me thursday around 2 :)