Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The wind is ferocious right now.
Very 'dance of the passionate Gods'.
That's not what I really want to call it, but I'm being polite for the sake of my blog readers.
I'd really label it something much more fierce, erotic and crass.
It was pretty severe last night, too.
We've been having some great storms.
Despite the fact I'm in the process of moving, I adore it so.
It's nature at it's finest.
It takes all I have in me not to run out like a mad woman, sliding on the slippery leaves and turning my face up towards the storm.
Maybe when I don't have to be so cautious with my body, the 'dancers' shall come again.
And then...well....we shall 'dance' together.
Over and over again.
Wouldn't that be quite delicious?
Yes, yes.
For now I'm off to listen to the Gods bellow.
So nice this early in the morn.

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Shorty said...

I've miss reading your poetry!