Sunday, May 20, 2007

Many Things.

I have many things to write here.
And many new images to post.
5 images I have yet to put in my blog, in fact.
I painted a new work last week.
Yesterday/this morning I finished 3 new works.
And *just now* I finished another.

I have things to say on where I am with my art.
How I feel.
What I see.
What I want.

But it's after 4am.
The second night I've gone to bed after 4.
And the second morning I'll have to be up early.

Tomorrow I am heading out of town.
I'll get back in the evening but I have a function to go to.

I'll try to update tomorrow night but chances are I'll crash.

Next week, perhaps.

I have much to share and tell.
But for now, toothpaste and scattered sleep.

With love,


Louise said...

I'm back and up to date on your blog!

Lyvvie said...

Big Sleep for you and then much dishing of fun stories later.

Cannae wait!

Wish I could peek into your dreams.

Michael said...

Looking forward to seeing your new stuff!