Thursday, May 3, 2007


Today is peaceful but I am very tired.
I think I need to eat some more...I shall pop a veggie dog on the stove when I am through here.

I had much to write yesterday about the beauty of things. The beautiful ache of muscles after an intense workout, sun streaming through both water and shower curtain, clean smooth skin, soap bubbles, ceiling fan air kissing the body as it crossed naked between rooms. Many things. But I got distracted. And busy.

I painted up five boards yesterday. 3 for commission, 1 for me (which may turn into a sale, I'm painting a really cute looking chika) and a big 24x24 which I decided today to turn into a gift.

So I'm currently drawing up compositions on the large box.

I've been using a Gesso spray which I've never tried before, before I apply the AG. It's nice and easy, I like it. Much better than mucking with brushes when I shall be mucking with them anyway.

There's no way to capture the peace in here.
Or the lethargy.
So I think I shall go sit in the breeze on the porch swing whilst eating a veggie dog, submerging in it all.

Hopefully I'll also get this gift finished today.

We shall see.


Lyvvie said...

I'm now longing for those days before the kids came along and made me think "It's too quiet...something must be wrong." For peace never bodes well with kids around.

Happy belated anniversary sweetie! I hope you both had a brilliant time!

Sherazade96 said...

Sit in the breeze! That sounds wonderful. I bet the flowers smell amazing where you are at, this time of year. Take some time to smell the roses!