Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Iniciativa Colectiva Used My Stuff!


Iniciativa Colectiva USED MY STUFF!!!

But...oh no!
It looks like shit (online, at least!) because the images look funny next to each other. ***Edited to add*** checked again, it's only the last two pieces that look funny next to each other. It's pretty sweeet.

I'm happy!
I'm pissed!

I thought they'd resize.
My fault. I should have sent smaller images. I didn't realise.

I'm happy!

They used some share your tears paintings.

Page 76 of their zine!

Clicky Clicky

Oh, it's good...right?

ALSO...this site emailed me today...Clicky Clicky asking me if they could link me! And they did! A wooo wooo.

It's an up and down month alright.

I guess I'm stoked about things....yes?


Things can only get better, and these things were great in theory! *grin*

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