Friday, May 4, 2007

A Gift & New Paint.

I painted a 24x24 on masonite for my friends who just bought a house. It was a housewarming present. I painted my friend and her daughter together. They loved it. Hoorah.

And then I went into the art store and bought A NEW TUBE OF PAINT! *dies with excitement*

I got Opera Rose and it's beautiful.

Is it not ridiculous that buying a new tube of paint can make me grin like a loon?

In a minute here I'll be ordering some stuff online with a gift certificate...that'll make me grin like a loon too, I suspect.

Happy Friday Everyone.


Sherazade96 said...

That picture is beautiful! It's no wonder why your friend loved it! Of course, I'm somewhat partial to "Eve," but that's so colorful and purty, too!

Michael said...

Beautiful picture. And seriously entertaining blog too.

I get excited about new camera lenses so it's not that ridiculous getting excited about new paint :)

Lyvvie said...

You make me want to suck up a lot before I move house *bats eyes* *kissy face* *sexy wink*

Arg! Pom Poko scares me!! Raccoons with monster boy knockers are just too much for my New England upbringing!

Hope said...

You should see the giggle fits I get when I buy a new ink pen or spiral notebook. And if I find a perfect hard-bound journal? Forget about it. I bounce through the store!

By the way, when Chan and I get our house built, I'm *so* commissioning work from you. At least one piece for my office, and probably one for his studio! *bounce*