Sunday, May 11, 2008

From TX to AL

My girl decided it was do or die so she jumped into a car in Texas at 12am and started driving, with another awesome friend, to Alabama.
When I woke I had missed calls on my cell and a text message saying she was going to visit.
I call her and she's already in Alabama.
9 hour drive near complete.

Best surprise ever.
We didn't sleep but for a forced-for-the-sake-of-driving hour.
We played.
We went to a cookout.
We got her tattooed.
We dyed our hair.
We pitched a tent inside the house.
We licked windows.
We sat and watched our favourite television show whilst sharing ice-cream.
We cried.
We laughed.
We hurt.
We healed.
A little.
We took photos.
Lots of photos.
We lay down.
We stood outside in a storm.
We danced by a fountain in the morning light.
And then, when it was time for them to hit the road, we cried again.
Or at least I did.

My darling Lisa.
And Alex.
I love you.
I miss you both.


(i love)...colours... said...

oh wow I love the photo of you both with the make up and butterflies in your hair!! BEAUTIFUL!

Lisa said...

I love you, precious.

Louise said...

I want to visit too :(