Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bursting Through

To move or not to move, zat is zee question.
I love my studio. I do. But I can tell you right now I won't be able to handle it come summer.
Boy mentioned putting an AC unit in here, which could work, but to save money I could also just move to another room in the house that has AC.
I went to my old studio upstairs. This is what the beautiful thing looked like:

The vines...wait...is it kudzu? Hmmm. The vines outside have grown up between the windows, bursting their way into my room. That's almost reason alone to move...it's a gorgeous action, they're coming in to take over...just as nature should.

But I like being on the bottom level of the house. I do. I like feeling more central to things.
We have people over to play games on Fridays and on random days throughout the week we have 'creativity nights' and I like being close to that atmosphere, drifting from boys studio to mine, chatting and hanging out with friends.
And I like just...the layout of being down here.
So there is a downstairs room I can take, also, with AC. But it would be nice as a guest bedroom or also if I ever convert the gym back.
And it's right next to B's room so music would be a conflict in the evenings.
Decisions, decisions.
And then, like I originally said, I just adore the room I'm in now...with the windows, the height, living above a kudzu jungle.

I'll have to give this serious thought.
More space would be nice.
To not wilt in the heat would be nice.
A new location would be fun.

But my room right now....so beautiful!


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Penny Pink said...

please send your old studio to Australia, care of Ms Pink ...RIGHT....NOW.