Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh Yeah...

Do you have ANY IDEA how HARD they are to DRESS?!
*angry face*

But I bet I can please the ladies. ;)


Lyvvie said...

So does my mom. She's only 5 foot 7. I have 9.5 feet.

(i love)...colours... said...

I have two different sized feet if you makes you feel better? I when I say two different sizes, I mean *different* sizes - try a 5 and a 8!

Now **THAT** is hard to dress!!! :(

**sad face with Sarah**


stone_fox said...

I DO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

share shoes with me? :)

Penny Pink said...

my best friend has size 11 australian which i bet is even bigger than the us - she has to order hers through some big feet catalogue... you're not alone! love the pink eye shadow ;)


Kay said...

Come live in Italy... I have size 41... feel better now?

I like my big feet. Makes me think I have a firm grip on the world...


Hope said...

You have long, slender, elegant feet. I have short, stumpy troll feet (size 7). Hrmph.

*jealous of your starry tootsies*