Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flunking Maths

I did a quick chart at a party last night.
I figured out if it's 'The Artisan' series I'd like to show in the coffee shop that I have, roughly, 3 days for each 36x22.25" work. That will have to include frame making and drawing.
So, with no interruptions (not likely) that will mean 8 large pieces within less than a month.
Models still to be sorted (I opted to use the artists I love and admire in these pieces rather than generic online models and distance makes that much more difficult) and concepts still to be worked around (gender/theme issues)

Basically what I'm saying is the next month will be nothing but work, all day long, every day, and I'll have to refrain from play. Which, with art, is *exhausting*. No, no. It is. Sometimes this sort of decision making will ruin your body *and* ruin your art.

And I may not get The Wizard of Oz series finished to go alongside The Artisans as originally hoped.

And I will still be doing SYTs, you know.

*hefty sigh*

I can get it done.
I can get it done.
I can get it done.

All of it, yes yes.
For I have love, and light, and life on my side.

Remind of that, y'all, when I'm freaking out...okay?
And feel free to send care packages to the woman in her tower.

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