Thursday, May 1, 2008

May First

Happy May Day, everybody!
I hope you are all rejoicing in Spring and the births/rebirths of nature.
I thought today would be the perfect time to set some monthly goals/look at where I am.
Perhaps I say that because I am jovial and assessing your life when you are joyous is about the best time to do it.

w h e r e . I . a m .

Where I am! I have finally found a way to manage both exercise and art, and even a *little* bit of housework. Three things I - for the life of me - could never combine before. This pleases me greatly. I exercise a little less (but still more than the average being) I paint much more and about thrice a week I zip around the house and make it presentable. I am happy with this arrangement. For the most part my biggest saviour has been being online much much less. The internet has much less importance in my life now. This is good, this is good. Who has time for it when they are swamped and consumed by other beauties? So, prattle being prattled, what are my goals for this month?

g o a l s .

Complete new Share Your Tears (4 works in waiting) and update/correct my site.
Update my painting site with most recent work.
Finish the Oz series (which requires perhaps about 5 more paintings for it)
Research and try to incorporate at least ONE NEW WC technique this month...if I find none, experiment with my own.
Study drawing the human form, do drawing exercises at least an hour a day.
Study the old masters.
Try to research contemporary/new artists.
Be more generous to those around me.
Spend more time with friends.
Spend more time outside in the afternoons.
Spend more time rejoicing in the love of my life and our future plans.
Start strength training and body shaping.
Incorporate more of this glorious health-food stuff.

I say MMmmMMm like I'm supping on a delicious strawberry shake.
I think those are good goals for May.
I do.
It's hard work but it's beautiful work.
Like life, no? Hard but all the more beautiful for the hardships.

Anyway it is 5pm and I have to wash the sweat from my workout off.

More when I can.

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Kay said...

Teach me how... I still haven't got the balance right!

Fizzgig says less painting, less computer, less housework... more walks with Zacchi...