Friday, May 2, 2008

Goodbye My Dear, Dear, Old Friend

That's right, my beloved Nike Free 5.0''s time we said goodbye.
You supported me for as long as you could but I just kept running away and wearing you thin. I took you on some hard journeys and ended up trampling on your sole. Is it always so bittersweet with love?
Now, with tears in my eyes, I realise how much I have hurt you. And it's time to move on. It will be best for both of us...I'm looking for something new and you, I can see, you need rest.

Actually...and please don't be mad...something has developed between your cousin and I. I didn't mean for it's just that not being able to have you anymore (dammit, nike distributors!) I looked for the next best thing. And this is she, Nike Reax. What can I have a good looking family.

I can only hope, Nike Free, that when I wear Reax's sole out too you will be glad I picked another to journey with in the end.

So, with sadness and excitement I end this.
Goodbye Nike Free 5.0s...and welcome, Nike REAX II.

Rock on.


Kay said...

Oh no! Just like your Dad!!! Tell him at Christmas time...

Sarah said...

I'm kind of a little bit proud I have my daddy's footfall. Tee hee hee.

Lyvvie said...


Funny, all my sneaker wear is on the ball of the foot. You're a heel striker, I'm a push offer.


Lisa said...

I laughed my ass off when I read that... trampled on it's sole, huh?!? Lol.... You're too funny. I love your new shoes. You know how I have a thing for running sneakers. Hmmmm.... wanna buy some for me too?!? Pretty please? With cherries and whipped cream on top?!

Hope said...

I have Reax 1s! How are the 2s? Are they lovely? I need new ones. Er, twos.

You know what I mean!