Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deport Me, You Arse

My friend and I had a heartbreak session at the park today.
Every morning while we are out there we see a group of three dogs hanging around. Every morning we say hey to them, every morning they look ridiculously happy to be alive.
Two are little beagles and they are SO CUTE. The other is a larger dog, a mix of breeds we're unsure of.
Anyway Lap 3 my friend is on the phone to her sister and mentions them 'oh, our dogs are out!'. But Lap 6 we see something that stops our big, ranty, vegetarian, animal-loving hearts.
We see animal control.
We see him putting ONE of the beagles in his truck, all caged up. We see no sign of the large dog (is he in the truck already?) and we see him trying to catch the other little beagle. We almost stop in our tracks.
This pathetic COWARD has a cage out, too. A cage with a huge pile of meat and some water. He is driving slowly away, circling the car park, while the beagle goes to investigate. Like we're watching a car crash, we rubber-neck in horror, slowing our pace. My friend starts making noise to attract the dog but the dog doesn't come. To our RELIEF he veers away from the cage. We walk on, dreading what we'll see on our next lap.
Meanwhile, away from the location, we start cussing. Cussing like drunken sailors being attacked by bees. We talk in dismay about mankind, about our species, about what we do to the animals we live with.
Personally I get so ANGRY that we decide to kill weaker species to our convenience. Don't tell me it's about survival. That's a RIDICULOUS point to argue in this day and age. We're monsters, that's all there is to it now. I'm boiling. My friend is busy picking up rocks...to throw at our beloved dog when we pass, to scare him away.
We come up around the bend and see the aniaml control truck. I - very vocally - start yelling and cussing again, about cowardice, about real fighting, about taking a bite here and there. I hope the loser sitting on his lazy arse in the truck can hear me. My friend and I talk about setting the trap off, closing the door. Can we get arrested for interference? I don't care, DEPORT ME YOU ARSE.
We come up upon the cage, the truck is still down the street some. The dog is nowhere to be seen. We're getting ready to go up and shut the cage, arguments already formed in my head (you MORON, people walk their dogs here EVERYDAY, you can't TRAP ANIMALS here, how MENTALLY CHALLENGED ARE YOU?!) when the dude starts up his truck and drives down. My friend suggests he knows we're up to something as we've spent the whole time glaring at him, his truck, the cage, the dogs. I suspect she is right. We watch for a bit and are pretty sure he's going to pack the cage up now the dog has gone. At least that's what we hope.
We also hope the other dogs have owners that will call the pound and get them out.


What a HORRIBLE morning.
I swear.
I'm so sad and mad, I'm smad. :(


Kay said...

some things are worth being deported over...

but maybe you can do more good from inside the country?

surely they have owners... put up a notice... your dog has been stolen by the animal control...

it could have been Zacchi... he wont come home if he is having fun, but his owner loves him still.

Sarah said...


(i love)...colours... said...

Definately do what you can to help the situation! Research into the animal "control" people and see if there are any groups who disagree like you do that you could join?

These people are bastards though. We should take those men, and all people who are cruel to animals, and club them to death like they do to those *poor* baby seals....

Makes my blood boil....

Hope said...

I bet those cuties will be rescued very soon . . . their owners will wonder why they didn't come home for lunch, and they'll call animal control to pick them up. *nods*

It's happened to my doggy, when he ran out before I knew it, went visiting a block over, had lunch in someone else's apartment, and then THEY CALLED ANIMAL CONTROL to come get him, since they weren't sure who he belonged to.


Your buddies will be rescued. They will.