Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Not A Starfucker, But....

(and Andrae wouldn't call himself a star) goodness!

Andrae Gonzalo just called and left a message on my machine.
Leaving his number *does the frat-boy get-a-girl look* and a message.

Er...this is phenomonally cool in so many ways.
You see the difference between Andrae Gonzalo and some mainstream movie star is that the former actually makes PIECES OF ART to hold in your hands and wear on your body...something solid, something to hold onto, something beautiful. Gifts, if you will.
Movies are grand, man, but fashion is better.
And I got addicted to the show 'Project Runway' because of it. It's like imagining someone saying 'make a painting with this amount of time and this amount of materials' and then watching the canvases parade down the runway. It's a crazy thought and a crazy thing to watch. of my favourite designers on the show was Andrae Gonzalo. WHO JUST CALLED MY PHONE.

My friend Sharon (a kick-arse woman all around) is a fashion designer who works with/under Andrae. And being that aforementioned kick-arse woman she got him to call and leave a message. Heh. have no where to go from here except to say it was VERY COOL to hear it.
what the hell.

Did I just pimp an Andrae youtube?
Maybe it's official.
I'm a mini starfucker.

*leaves to scrub clean*

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