Monday, March 24, 2008

On Gloves

Found a colour in acrylic I didn't know I had that will be perfect for some siding.
I know nobody cares, really, but me, but imagine waking up to a new gold coin buried deep in a treasure trunk when you'd already counted them all.

It's 8am.
I smell like epoxy.
Apples and epoxy.
Actually I taste epoxy too...that's not good.
I need to start caring more about that stuff.
Not for me but for those around me who care about illness.
I'd hate to hurt anybody by becoming the stupid epoxy-cancer girl.
That's simply not fair to the people who love me.

I think maybe today I'll buy some surgical gloves.
And switch out epoxy-cancer girl for epoxy-glove girl.

Growing up is easy if you just grow with logic.


Kay said...

You are learning faster than I ever did... I think that is called evolution...

when my brain wont hold the things I want it to, I seriously wonder how much is damage from the studio...

(i love)...colours... said...

no glove no love ;) Isn't that how the saying goes?